Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Tile effect roofing sheets combine the traditional aesthetics of roof tiles with the strength of top-grade galvanised steel. They allow homeowners to achieve a classic, professional finish with simpler installation as well as enhanced durability and ...

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Roof Sheets 1
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Onduvilla - Bitumen Roof Tiles - Black (2.18 m2 Coverage - Pack of 7)
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Onduvilla - Bitumen Roof Tiles - Black (2.18 m2 Coverage - Pack of 7)
£26.26 £30.98
2-4 Days
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12 Items

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tile Effect Sheets?

Expertly designed to mimic traditional roof tiles, tile effect sheets offer the kerb appeal of clay, concrete and slate roof tiles without the drawbacks. Made from robust galvanised steel, tile effect roofing offers superior resistance to weathering, corrosion, and impacts, along with offering simple installation.

How Do You Install These Roofing Sheets?

Whilst the installation method can vary slightly from brand to brand, tile effect sheets maintain the benefit of incredibly easy installation across all products. Due to their large size and smart interlocking system, these roofing sheets minimise the number of seams on your roof and cut installation time in half.

Many of our tile effect roofing sheets can be fitted onto battened or boarded roofs, accommodating pitches ranging from 10° up to 90°. This gives you the freedom to install the sheets on virtually any roofing structure with ease.

How Strong Are Tile Effect Roofing Sheets?

Constructed using robust galvanised steel, tile effect roofing sheets are incredibly strong and offer fantastic longevity. When installed, your roof will be benefit from high impact resistance, maintaining its stability even under foot traffic. The steel is coated with an acrylic polymer to provide full protection against rust, corrosion, and weathering so you won’t have to worry about adverse conditions damaging your roof.

How Do You Cut Tile Effect Sheets?

To create an accurate and clean fit for your roof, you may need to cut the sheets to size. For optimum safety, always ensure that you cut the sheets against a firm underlay placed on the ground and wear appropriate protection.

We recommend that you do not use an angle grinder, as this will heat up the plate and ruin the galvanised coating. Instead, we suggest the use of a jigsaw, circular or a nibbler for a clean and easy cut.

After cutting, treat the open edges with a repair paint, anti-corrosive material or touch-up kit to prevent any structural issues. Also ensure that you immediately remove any metal chips and filings away from the assembly to prevent rusting and premature discolouration.

How Heavy are Tile Effect Sheets?

Unlike concrete and clay roof tiles, tile effect sheets are incredibly lightweight and flexible. They weigh as little as 6kg per square meter, making transportation, handling, and installation incredibly easy.