Corolux Roofing Sheets

Corolux roofing sheets are widely recognised for their versatility and durability, being one of the most popular transparent roofing solutions on the market today. They provide excellent durability by combining proven materials and a unique low-profi...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Corolux Roofing Sheets?

Corolux is a range of transparent and clear roofing sheets manufactured from PVC. Unlike alternative solutions, such as Vistalux, these roofing sheets feature mini corrugations. These provide you with a lower profile whilst still allowing you to benefit from the added strength provided by corrugated sheets.

Corolux is ideal for a variety of roofing applications, such as carports, cloches, and more. This is as the sheets allow a significant amount of light through and are highly durable. Providing adequate protection for your car, vegetables and more.

What is PVC?

PVC is a form of plastic used in a variety of building materials. These include plumbing pipes, electrical cables, and flooring. PVC is also used in a variety of roofing materials because of its lightweight yet durable build.

These materials offer a range of benefits, including added protection from UV to reduce the likelihood of significant discoloration and distortion. This makes them ideal for carports, cloches and other exterior applications.

How Do You Cut Corolux Roofing Sheets?

Corolux sheets can be easily cut with a fine-toothed saw. However, ensure your sheets have been stored at room temperature for approximately 24 hours beforehand. This prevents the sheets from being brittle and cracking when being cut.

Also ensure you wear appropriate safety equipment when cutting your sheets, such as gloves and eye protection. Any unused PVC should also be disposed of responsibly.

How Thick Are These Sheets?

Corolux roofing sheets are manufactured from 0.8mm thick PVC. This makes them incredibly lightweight whilst also providing superb strength. This is sufficient for most roofing applications, such as carports and cloches.

If you require a thicker sheet for added strength, consider our other plastic roofing sheets. These are available in a range of thicknesses up to 1.3mm and therefore suitable for a wide variety of projects. This includes areas where debris may fall from overhanging trees, for example. 

How To Look After Corolux Roofing Sheets?

Once your Corolux roof sheets have been delivered, it’s important to store them correctly to prevent damage. Ideally, store them indoors in a cool area, on a flat, dry surface. If keeping your sheets inside isn’t possible, then keep them elevated off the ground using wooden beams or bearers. It’s also important to keep these sheets covered. This is because exposure to the sun could lead to the sheets becoming damaged and warping due to excessive heat.