Knauf Insulation

Knauf has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of earthwool insulation in the industry. Their product range includes both insulation slabs and rolls. As an established family business, Knauf are passionate about delivering q...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knauf Insulation Made Of?

Knauf specialise in insulation slabs and rolls made of earthwool. Earthwool insulation is made up of glass fibres bonded to renewable materials instead of traditional oil-based binders. This makes earthwool insulation kinder to the environment both during its lifespan and in production.

Is Knauf Insulation Fireproof?

Yes, Knauf insulation is highly fireproof, being made from non-combustible materials such as recycled glass bottles, sand and more. In addition to its fireproof qualities, earthwool insulation is also hygroscopic, which means it can effectively combat excess moisture in the air, and it will not rot or attract pests such as rats or mice.