Slab Insulation

Slab insulation is one of the most common types of insulation used in Britain today. This is thanks to its easy installation and unrivalled thermal efficiency. Insulation slabs, also known as insulation batts, are truly versatile, and can be installe...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Slab insulation is among the most effective ways to increase the thermal efficiency of your property whilst minimising sound transmission. This is due to them being ideal for virtually any use, whether you're insulating your loft or floors. There are, however, a few common questions our customers ask before buying this insulation. Below are answers to each of these!

Which Brand is Best?

We supply insulation batts from a variety of manufacturers. These include Knauf, Superglass and Rockwool. Each are widely recognised for their commitment to innovation and quality products, used in thousands of properties across the country. We recommend choosing your insulation based upon the thermal efficiency, acoustic performance and material. This is as each of our insulation slabs offer unique features and capabilities.

Which Insulation Slabs Are Best Suited to My Project?

The insulation you require is determined by local building regulations and the other materials used in your property. We therefore recommend consulting a qualified tradesman or contacting an insulation manufacturer.

They will be able to recommend the appropriate materials based upon the required U-value. They will then confirm the exact insulation slab you require, which you will be able to easily find either on our website or by contacting our experienced team.

How to Cut Slab Insulation?

It’s always best to cut insulation slabs using a serrated edge, such as with a fine tooth saw or even a bread knife. It may be easier for you to mark out where you need to cut using a straight edge and a felt tip pen. Simply carefully slice along this line until your slab is at the desired size. Avoid cutting insulation to be too tight a fit, as a very slightly loose fit often works best, particularly for acoustic insulation. Please remember to wear PPE when working with mineral wool, as it cause severe irritation.