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Roof Windows

Roof windows are a fantastic way to bring more natural light into your home. We supply a broad range of roof window styles from leading manufacturers to make sure you can find the perfect window to su...

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Common Questions 

How Much Do Roof Windows Cost?

Windows vary in price with the overall price being largely dependent upon the exact configuration. The most cost-effective pitched roof windows are typically made by FAKRO and start at approximately £214. Mardome typically offers the most cost-effective flat roof windows with prices starting at £88. Although, some windows can be priced as high as approximately £2,742. 

Do I Need a Flashing with My Window?

You will typically require a purposely designed flashing when installing your roof window. This flashing ensures that warm air is not able to escape and that no water ingress occurs. The flashing required is dependent upon your window and the roofing material it is being fitted alongside (i.e. tiles, sheets or membrane).

Remember to use the flashing purposely designed for your window to ensure its compatibility. Failure to use the manufacturer's flashing could also void any guarantees provided.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Roof Window in the UK?

You do not typically require planning permission to install a window in the UK. However, this is dependent upon your property and area. For example, in some areas you may require planning permission if a window protrudes more than 150mm or is openable under 1.7m above the floor. You may also find that planning permission is necessary if your property is of historical significance. 

We recommend contacting your local authority to confirm whether planning permission is required. They will be able to confirm this and help you begin your application.


Can Anybody Install a Window?

Whilst most windows can be installed entirely from the inside, you will require assistance to install them safely. It is also recommended that you consult a qualified professional, as additional structural support and specialist equipment may be required in some circumstances. 

FAKRO, Velux and Mardome roof windows each come with installation guides. These provide a step-by-step guide to safely fitting your new roof window, whether it is being fitted onto a pitch or flat roof. 

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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