Acoustic Insulation

As well as preventing heat loss and improving the energy efficiency of your home, acoustic insulation is specially designed to also keep unwanted noise out. This sort of sound proof insulation is perfect for homes on noisy streets, in bustling cities...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rockwool Good for Sound Insulation?

Rockwool has been a trusted name in the UK construction sector for over forty years. Rockwool sound insulation doesn’t just provide excellent acoustic insulation, it’s an effective thermal insulator too. Their acoustic insulation slabs have also been manufactured to be vapour-permeable, which means that they can effectively absorb excess moisture from the air without sacrificing performance, as well as fighting the build-up of mould or damp.

Can You Install Sound Insulation Between Floors?

Yes, sound insulation can be installed between floors to provide a barrier between storeys of your home to prevent excess noise transfer. By using acoustic insulation slabs to insulate your floors, you’ll add a layer of highly effective sound insulation which will block ambient sound from travelling through the cavities between your floors.

What’s the Best Soundproofing for Walls?

If you’re looking to soundproof your walls, then installing a layer of acoustic insulation in wall cavities is a highly effective way to do so. Acoustic insulation slabs from manufacturers such as Rockwool will form a powerful barrier, protecting against both excess sound and heat transfer.