Metal Roofing Sheets

Corrugated metal roofing sheets combine high-quality steel with a corrugated design to provide incredible strength. This makes them ideal for both commercial and agricultural buildings, such as warehouses, barns, and stables. They’re also lightweig...

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Frequently Asked Questions

By combining high quality steel and a corrugated form factor, our range of metal roofing sheets are a superb solution for virtually any roofing project. All the while these roofing sheets are easy to fit and lightweight, especially when compared to traditional roof tiles. There are, however, a few common questions our customers ask before buying these roofing sheets. Below are answers to each of these!

Why Use Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets? 

These corrugated sheets are among the strongest materials available to DIYers. This is as the combination of a corrugated form factor and high quality steel provides superb strength when compared to other profiles. Our optional coatings extend their durability further, with both a PVC and polyester coating available. This ensures your roof is able to withstand tough weather conditions, such as strong wind and severe rain.

What are These Roofing Sheets Made From?

Metal roofing sheets are typically produced using steel, aluminium or tin. Due to the impressive weather resistance, durability and structural strength of galvanised steel, it has become the preferred sheet material amongst leading brands such as Britmet and Corotile. For this reason, you will find that the majority of metal roofing sheets that we stock are manufactured from galvanised steel.

There are several benefits to steel roofing besides its resistance to corrosion caused by weather. Firstly, it is able to withstand significant loads from falling debris or snow. It also reflects solar radiant heat, therefore reducing the temperature below by up to 25%. Lastly, it can be recycled at the end of its long lifespan.

To further the lifespan of our steel roofing sheets they are coated with either granules, polyester or PVC. Besides offering more kerb appeal, this protects the steel beneath from corrosion and ultraviolet. In some cases, these coatings can squeeze an extra 10 years of use from your metal roofing sheets.

Can These Roofing Sheets Be Cut to Size? 

We do not cut these steel roofing sheets to size. However, they are available in an variety of convenient sizes when you order online. These metal corrugated roofing sheets can also be easily cut on site without the need for specialist equipment. This means you can maximise coverage and minimise wastage on your project.

Will These Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets Rust? 

Through the combination of steel and innovative materials such as zinc, these corrugated metal roofing sheets minimise the likelihood of rust forming. Our optional coatings also provide added protection from the elements, with our PVC coating extending the lifespan of your roofing sheet by up to 10 years. They really do offer uncompromised durability!

How Do You Cut Metal Roof Sheets?

Metal roofing sheets can be easily cut using both manual and powered tools. For an easy and short cut, we recommend using either tin snips or a nibbler. Alternatively, if you want a faster and longer cut, a circular saw will be more effective.

Whilst using any cutting method, you must always ensure that you are wearing the appropriate safety protection gear. This includes safety glasses, a dust mask, work gloves and sensible shoes/clothing. You should also be using a stable workbench with clamps.

If you want to avoid the time and hassle of cutting your own metal sheets, take a look at our high-quality range of made to measure roofing sheets instead. These are carefully cut to your bespoke size prior delivery so all you have to do is fit them on arrival. Quick and easy.

How Much Do Metal Roofing Sheets Cost?

Metal roofing sheets can cost as little as £7 per square meter, with both box profile and corrugated sheets being the most cost-effective. If you would prefer a tile effect panel, however, you can expect to spend £15 or more per square meter.

But due to the coverage of these sheets, they are far quicker and easier to fit than many alternatives. Some even interlock with each other, making installation easy for both tradespeople and homeowners.

When buying roofing materials, it is important to consider both the cost of materials and labor time required. Calculating the cost per square meter also makes it far easier to compare the cost-effectiveness of different materials.