Cut to Size Polycarbonate Sheets

Cut to size polycarbonate sheets provide you with an ideal roofing solution, whether it be for a conservatory or carport. Cut to size polycarbonate sheets also allow you to maximise coverage and minimise wastage, keeping projects on time and in budge...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multiwall Polycarbonate?

Multiwall polycarbonate combines several plastic layers to maximise insulation and provide superior strength. Twinwall, triplewall and sevenwall polycarbonate roofing sheets are each designed for different project types. Whilst twinwall is ideal for cladding, triplewall and sevenwall polycarbonate sheets are best suited for roofing applications.

As well a being available in a choice of thicknesses, polycarbonate can be purchased in a selection of colours. This includes clear, opal and bronze cut to size sheets. Providing you with an option for conservatories, carports and much more. 

What are the Benefits of Cut to Size Polycarbonate?

Whilst you can order standard sizes, cutting polycarbonate sheets on site requires additional equipment and time. By ordering cut to size polycarbonate sheets, you’re able to specify the desired length and width of your sheets to avoid this.

By using custom-sized polycarbonate sheets you also minise wastage. Allowing you to keep the cost of your project low. 

Which Brand is Best – Corotherm or AXIOME?

Both Corotherm and AXIOME polycarbonate is of the highest quality. We supply both so that our customers can choose from two leading manufacturers, as well as replace existing sheets with those from the same brand. Whilst Corotherm can be on your doorstep in 2 – 4 days, AXIOME provides a fast 1 – 2 day delivery on their cut to size polycarbonate sheets.