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Jablite Insulation

Jablite is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of EPS insulation. Their products are widely used throughout the UK in both residential and commercial projects. If you’re looking for floor insulation th...

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Common Questions About Jablite Insulation

What Is Jablite Used For?

Jablite insulation is most often used in floors, both in residential and commercial properties. There are several different grades of Jablite insulation boards, which denote varying levels of strength. The most common in our range is EPS 70, which is best-suited for installation in residential buildings.

Is Jablite Fire Retardant?

Jablite insulation is not designed to be as flame retardant as other types of insulation. This is because expanded polystyrene insulation is not exposed, as it is enclosed by other products which make up the envelope of the building. An additional flame retardant coating is available, graded “E”. This means it meets the required flame spread reduction when tested to BS EN ISO 13501-1:2002.

Is Jablite Waterproof?

Yes, not only is Jablite insulation board resistant to moisture, it’s classed as flood proof. As well as this, thanks to the expanded polystyrene material, Jablite won’t rot or develop mould.

Can You Use Jablite Under Screed?

Yes, Jablite insulation can be installed below a sand or cement screed, as well as above concrete slabs, precast concrete or a beam and block system on the ground floor of a home.

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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