Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are an exceptionally beautiful, traditional roofing material. Used across the globe for millennia, clay tiles offer superb longevity as well as exceptional character. An excellent choice whether you’re constructing a new build or r...

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Down ArrowPrice
£0.00 - £9.99 28
£10.00 - £19.99 5
£20.00 - £29.99 1
£1,800.00 and above 1
Down ArrowBrand
Marley 26
Redland 2
Sandtoft 7
Down ArrowMin Pitch
17.5 1
22.5 6
30 3
35 4
40 1
Down ArrowMax Pitch
70 1
90 14
Down ArrowColour
Antique 2
Ashurst 6
Aylesham Mix 6
Black 1
Brown 1
Burnt Flame 2
Century 2
Dark Brindle 1
Dark Heather 2
Farmhouse Brown 6
Fired Sienna 2
Grey Sandfaced 6
Heather blend 2
Heather Sandfaced 1
Loxleigh 4
Matt Black 2
Mixed Brindle 2
Natural Orange 2
Natural Red 2
Purple Blend 2
Red 7
Red Sandfaced 6
Staffordshire Blue 4
Smooth Blue 2
Smooth Red 6
Staffordshire Mixture 2
Smooth Bridle 1
Brindle 1
Classic Smooth Red 1
Heather 5
Burnished 4
Ember 2
Down ArrowPrice per m²
£30.00 and above 2
Down ArrowRange
Rosemary 2
Down ArrowLength
265mm 2
342mm 1
384mm 6
Down ArrowWidth
165mm 2
250mm 4
252mm 1
267mm 2
Down ArrowThickness
12mm 2
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Sandtoft Arcadia - Clay Tile
Sandtoft Arcadia - Clay Tile
£4.87 £6.08
5-7 Days
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Items 1-26 of 35

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Clay Roof Tiles?

Clay tiles are one of the most popular types of roofing materials throughout Europe. They have been used for centuries due to their beautiful appearance, superb durability, and sustainable production.

These roof tiles are available in a variety of styles. Partly made possible by the versatility of the materials and variety of colours clay is available in. This allows you to find the ideal appearance for your property, whether it is a period building or a new build. 

When buying clay roof tiles you have a choice of various brands, such as Marley and Redland. Whilst they use similar materials, many offer unique colouring options and profiles. 

How Much Do Clay Tiles Cost?

The cost of clay tiles can vary dependent upon the producer, size and clay used. All these factors can impact the quality and coverage of the tile, therefore influencing the total cost.

You can expect the cost of clay roof tile to be between £35 and £40 per square meter. This excludes any underlays, timber or labor required to fit them.

This is significantly higher than concrete tiles, which can cost between £10 - £15 per square meter. Although, clay roof tiles are similarly priced to slate roof tiles at between £30 and £40 per square meter.

With a lifespan in excess of 60 years, clay tiles are amongst the lowest priced roofing material. They also require virtually no maintenance. So, whilst the initial cost may be high, they are incredibly cost-effective in the long-term.

Are Clay Roof Tiles Eco-Friendly?

When compared to many other roofing materials, clay roof tiles are often considered environmentally friendly. This is due to them producing virtually no greenhouse gases during manufacturing and being easily recycled. 

However, clay roof tiles also offer a handful of other benefits for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. For example, they provide an added layer of insulation and will outlast many modern alternatives. Requiring far fewer to be produced in the long-term.