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Since 1949, Katepal has been manufacturing innovative materials for a wide range of roofing applications. Each designed to provide quality, reliability, and individuality to homeowners.  At the ...

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About Katepal

Katepal are an experienced company with many years in the industry, specialising in bitumen roof shingles. They also produce a wide range of adhesives and accessories to achieve a durable and professional finish. 

The History of Katepal

Katepal was founded back in 1949, and thus has been providing roofing materials to customers for well over half a century. Taking inspiration from the beautiful yet durable nature of their native Finland, they have strived to design products that are equal in visual splendor and long-time reliability.

Their range has since grown to include a wide range of different products, from bitumen shingles to adhesive accessories, all designed to survive through some of the most unforgiving climates in all of Europe. Therefore, Katepal roofing materials will prove more than a match for the British weather, with more than 70 years of ever-advancing production technologies behind them.

The Products

Katepal’s flagship product range is their selection of bitumen roof shingles, which have been designed to achieve a gorgeous appearance and excellent performance, based on traditional colours and styles that have been popular across the continent for many years. Many Katepal shingles are available in plenty of different colours, making up a diverse palette of potential options, meaning you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.

The company also produces a plethora of accessories such as adhesives and underlay membranes, limiting the time and money you’ll spend having to search for all the different components that make up a roofing system considerably. This also allows you to achieve a faultless finish, whether you're installing their materials yourself or are using a qualified tradesperson. 

Uses for Katepal Shingles

There are hundreds of potential possibilities when using Katepal shingles, from small builds to much larger projects. Their attractive designs together with their durability makes them ideal for even residential builds, as well as smaller constructions such as garages, sheds, stables and more.

Ideal for residential homes great and small, many of their products are more than capable of protecting your property and its contents, with their excellent security and reliable materials. A house's longevity will be ensured by Katepal, providing your property with a strong, characteristic roof.

The Quality

Their range owes its bespoke character and exceptional reliability to the intense efforts they put into perfecting their attention to detail. Bitumen is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material due to ease of use and cost-effectiveness, and Katepal does their very best to stay leaps and bounds ahead of the ever-growing competition.

The manufacturer has created several separate ranges, each of them complete in order to ensure consistency and uniformity as best as possible, with advances in production carried out to simplify everything from handling to installation to maintenance.

The proof of Katepal’s quality lies not only in the years of history behind them but also in the thousands of homes across the country that benefit from their products every day. With many of their products come with considerable warranties, Katepal wants you to share in the confidence they have in their ranges for long after they’ve been installed.