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Code 3 Lead Flashing

Code 3 lead flashing is ideal for forming soakers against a chimney stack or wall. It has a nominal thickness of 1.32mm and weighs approximately 15kg per square meter. Suitable for commercial applicat...

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Common Questions

What is the Life Expectancy of Code 3 Lead?

Lead is one of the most durable materials and often outlasts the property it is installed on. You can, therefore, expect your code 3 lead to last in excess of 50 years. This can be extended through the use of lead treatments such as patination oil, which protects from rain and more. 

Why Does the Cost of Code 3 Lead Fluctuate?

Like any other metal, the price of raw lead changes regularly and is determined by the availability. Roofing Megastore regularly updates our prices to ensure you’re always getting the best deal on codes 3 lead rolls. Plus, if you find lead cheaper elsewhere we may be able to match or beat the price.

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10,280 Reviews

Trusted Service Award 2022

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