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The Mega Guide to Lead Codes

The Mega Guide to Lead Codes
By Roofing Megastore Team 11 months ago 3190 Views No comments

When ordering roofing lead, you have a choice of six codes. Each are purposely designed for particular applications, ranging from flat roofs to dormers to vertical cladding. Ensuring you have the appropriate lead for your project is vital.

In this mega guide we’ll be revealing which lead code is best suited for your roofing project. This includes outlining the different thicknesses and weight for each. Plus, you’ll find links to other useful information and our range of roofing lead.

What are the Thicknesses of Each Roofing Lead Code?

The primary difference between the various lead codes is their thickness. This thickness has a significant impact on which projects the lead can be used on. Below are the thicknesses for each lead code, which range from 1.32mm to 3.50mm thick.

Code 3: 1.32mm

Code 4: 1.80mm

Code 5: 2.24mm

Code 6: 2.65mm

Code 7: 3.15mm

Code 8: 3.50mm

How Much Does Each Lead Code Weigh?

The greater the thickness, the greater the weight. This is something to consider when ordering roofing lead, as it impact which types of protect the lead can be used on. Below is the weight of each lead code per square meter.

Code 3: 14.97kg

Code 4: 20.41kg

Code 5: 25.40kg

Code 6: 20.10kg

Code 7: 35.72kg

Code 8: 40.26kg

Which Projects are Each Lead Code Suitable For?

Each lead code is purposely crafted for specific projects. These range from flat roofing to pitched roofing, but ensuring you have selected the appropriate code for your project is vital. A failure to so could have disastrous consequences, including leaks.

Code 3 Lead

When you're looking to fit a soaker against a chimney stack or wall, Code 3 lead is ideal. At 1.32mm thick and weighing 14.97kg per square meter, it is the most low profile lead available. A lead soaker can be used on a variety of tiles, including slate, and help to overcome water ingress.

Code 4 Lead

Code 4 lead is the perfect solution for either vertical cladding and soakers. You can also use it on a handful of other flashing applications. Unlike Code 3 lead, it is slightly thicker at 1.80mm and weighs 20.41kg per square meter. Due to its use cases, Code 4 will often be used as a more durable alternative to Code 3 lead.

Code 5 Lead

Whether you're undergoing a flat or pitched roofing project, Code 5 lead can be used. The possibilities are truly endless with this 2.24mm thick lead being used on valleys and parapets. Some will also choose to use Code 5 lead around windows, with it being ideal for combating water ingress.

Code 6 Lead

Code 6 lead can be used on the same projects as Code 5, although is slightly thicker at 2.65mm and weighs 30.10kg per square meter. Due to the added thickness Code 6 will typically withstand weather conditions better than lower codes.

Code 7 Lead

Whilst the weight of Code 7 lead makes it unsuitable as a flashing, it can be used on similar applications as Code 5 and Code 6 lead. It is 3.15mm thick and has a weight of 35.72kg per square meter. This is unarguably the most durable lead for pitched roofing applications, with Code 8 being suitable for flat roofing only.

Code 8 Lead

At 3.50mm thick and with a weight of 40.26kg per square meter, Code 8 lead is a high profile solution. In most circumstances it will be used on flat roofing where resting water is common. You can also use Code 8 lead on parapets, valley, dormers and various other projects.

Where to Buy Lead Flashing?

With the price of lead fluctuating, we recommend that you contact our Customer Care team for the latest deals. They can be reached by calling 01295 565 565. Alternatively, you can browse our range of lead flashing online.

Please note: This guide to lead flashing has been written for information purposes and we therefore take no responsibility for any purchasing decisions you make or installation processes you follow as a result of reading this article. Whilst we act as a retailer, we are not experts nor qualified in the installation of lead or any other roofing material. We therefore recommend that you refer to your manufacturer's guide and, if appropriate, consult a qualified professional.

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