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Breathable Roof Membranes

Whether you’re tackling a cold or warm roof application, using a high-quality membrane is essential. This is as this underlay will prevent water ingress from occurring, therefore reducing the li...

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Common Questions

What is a Breathable Roof Membrane Used For?

It is typically recommended that you use an underlay beneath your roof tiles to prevent water ingress. Whilst traditional non-permeable membranes would combat water ingress, they also stopped water vapour from passing through. This caused moisture to build-up in your loft space, which can lead to mould and rot.

Breather membranes combine multiple layers to stop water from entering your loft space whilst also allowing air to escape from the inside. This reduces the reliance on traditional roof ventilation, such as tile, eave and ridge vents. Although it is still recommended that you use multiple types of ventilation to ensure enough airflow.

Are Breather Membranes Waterproof?

All breathable roof membranes are waterproof, therefore stopping any water ingress on pitched roofs. This provides added protection from rain and show should a tile be damaged.

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