Lightweight Roof Tiles

Lightweight roof tiles are a fantastic option for homeowners looking to tackle a project themselves. These lightweight tiles can be used on virtually any building type, from homes to conservatories or even garden sheds. Thanks to their low weight, th...

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£0.00 - £9.99 39
£10.00 - £19.99 33
£40.00 - £49.99 9
£80.00 and above 1
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Britmet 57
Eco Systems 1
Envirotile 11
Guardian 1
Lightweight Tiles LTD 11
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10 40
12 17
12.5 11
14 1
15 10
22.5 1
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85 9
90 70
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Black 6
Brown 26
Green 13
Grey 20
Opaque 2
Purple 1
Red 18
Yellow 1
Beige 1
Multicolour 1
Down ArrowPrice per m²
£10.00 - £19.99 22
£20.00 - £29.99 17
£30.00 - £39.99 23
£40.00 and above 10
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2 13
3 9
4 4
5 45
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Lightweight Metal Roof Tiles 45
Synthetic Tile 18
synthetictile 12
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Envirotile - Plastic Tile - Terracotta
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Envirotile - Plastic Tile - Terracotta
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2-4 Weeks
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Items 1-26 of 82

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that buying roofing materials online can be daunting, which is why we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive below.

Why Do I Need Lightweight Roof Tiles?

Traditional concrete and slate tiles can weigh as much as 75kg per square meter. Although robust structures can withstand such weight, some timber frames are better suiter for lighter alternatives. This is where lightweight roof tiles are so effective.

Lightweight roof tiles are instead manufactured using metal and plastic materials and weight significantly less at just 10 – 15kg per square meter. This not only allows compatibility on a wider range of buildings, but also makes for far quicker, easier and more cost-effective installation.

With smart modern technology, designers are able to mimic the stylish colours and finishes of natural materials without the impractical weight that they carry.

What is the Life Expectancy of These Roof Tiles?

Lightweight roof tiles are designed to withstand many years of harsh weathering and impact. They utilise innovative techniques, materials and coatings to provide a life expectancy of up to 40+ years in most circumstances. You will even find that most manufacturers are so confident in the longevity of their tiles that they also provide a full manufacturers guarantee for the 40 year lifespan.

Which Lightweight Roof Tile is Best - Metal or Plastic?

Although similar in weight and longevity, metal and plastic lightweight roof tiles do boast a slight few differences that may be the decider on which you choose for your property. Plastic tiles often create a natural slate look whilst metal is available in more extensive range of profiles and finishes. It really depends the look you are going for as to which will be better for you.

In terms of affordability, both are cost-effective, however metal lightweight tiles are often cheaper than the plastic alternative and may be slightly quicker to install due to their larger sizing.

Do I Need a Membrane with These Roof Tiles?

A breathable membrane is often required when fitting both metal and plastic roof tiles. The membrane will aid ventilation, minimise condensation and prevent moisture damage. We do advise that you always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guide to determine which type of membrane will be required for your roof tiles.

What are the Lightest Roof Tiles?

Here at Roofing Megastore, we stock a wide selection of Lightweight Roof Tiles in varying weights and sizes.

If you in search of the lightest within the range, the Britmet - LiteSlate - Lightweight Synthetic Tile may be just what you are looking for. Weighing in at just 15.4kg per square meter, the LiteSlate Synthetic Tiles provide an incredibly lightweight alternative to traditional materials. They are very easy to install with no sorting, pre-drilling or clipping required so are perfect for the DIYer. Better yet, with a life expectancy of 40 years, the Britmet Liteslates will keep your roof structure protected and weatherproof for years to come.