Concrete Ridge Tiles, Hips and Flashings

Concrete ridge and hip tiles are essential for achieving a clean, professional finish to your roofing project. Not only do they provide a pristine finish, but they also ensure that your roof space is well-protected from the elements at common weak po...

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Redland Concrete Ridge Tiles 55
Sandtoft Concrete Ridge Tiles 43
Marley Concrete Ridge Tiles 24
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£0.00 - £9.99 113
£10.00 - £19.99 8
£20.00 - £29.99 4
£30.00 and above 1
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Ariel Plastics 3
Marley 25
Redland 55
Sandtoft 43
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Anthracite 18
Antique 11
Ashurst 1
Aylesham Mix 1
Black 8
Brown 16
Dark Heather 1
Dark Red 14
Farmhouse Brown 1
Grey 24
Grey Sandfaced 1
Greystone 13
Heather blend 1
Heather Sandfaced 1
Matt Black 1
Mosborough Red 20
Natural Orange 1
Natural Red 14
Nimbus Grey 1
Old English Dark Red 20
Red 56
Red Sandfaced 1
Rustic Red 1
Smooth Brown 19
Smooth Grey 20
Staffordshire Blue 1
Staffordshire Mix 1
Terracotta 1
Smooth Blue 1
Smooth Red 1
Brindle 1
Antique Brown 4
Antique 1
Burnished 1
Ember 1
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450mm 7
Down ArrowWidth
256mm 7
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Marley Plain Concrete Hip Tile
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Marley Plain Concrete Hip Tile
From: £8.45 £10.03
5-7 Days
Marley Modern Concrete Mono Ridge
Has Options
Marley Modern Concrete Mono Ridge
From: £19.26 £22.87
5-7 Days
Marley Concrete Plain Valley Tile
Has Options
Marley Concrete Plain Valley Tile
From: £6.22 £7.39
5-7 Days
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Items 1-26 of 126

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ridge Tiles?

Ridge tiles are purposely designed to sit on the ridge of an apex roof.  They are essential to preventing water ingress and provide a beautiful aesthetic. Concrete ridge tiles are typically available in two variants – an angle ridge or half round ridge. Both are used in the same way and require similar installation methods.

What Are Hip Tiles?

Hip tiles are specially designed to sit on the hips of a roof. They are vital in combating water ingress and achieving a professional finish. Concrete hip tiles come a in a bonnet-like design, which creates a step-like appearance at the hips. Whilst hip tiles can vary in size, they are used and installed in the same way.