Recticel Insulation

Recticel is a leading manufacturer of PIR insulation. Their insulation boards are highly versatile, used in millions of residential and commercial properties across the globe. Their boards are suitable for use in walls, pitched roofs and floors....

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Recticel Eurowall - PIR Cavity Wall Insulation Board
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Recticel Eurowall - PIR Cavity Wall Insulation Board
From: £123.22 £154.02
2-5 Days
Recticel Eurothane PL - PIR Insulated Plasterboard
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Recticel Eurothane PL - PIR Insulated Plasterboard
From: £97.39 £121.74
2-5 Days
Recticel Eurothane GP - High Performance PIR Insulation Board
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Recticel Eurothane GP - High Performance PIR Insulation Board
From: £32.83 £41.04
2-5 Days
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3 Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Recticel?

Recticel have been providing market-leading PIR insulation in Europe for decades. They’re renowned for their expertise and high-quality manufacturing processes. Recticel insulation is suitable for an enormous range of applications, from roof and loft insulation to cavity walls, floors and more. Their aim is to provide both construction professionals and homeowners superior thermal and acoustic insulation solutions.

Recticel’s business philosophy revolves around developing relationships with construction merchants and professionals, providing an excellent service and their unrivalled expertise. They continue to develop their wide product range to broaden its scope and improve on existing ranges. Their hallmark in residential construction; Recticel Eurothane, is one of the most popular and effective insulation boards on the market today.

Is Recticel Insulation Fireproof?

Like most insulation manufacturers, safety is of the utmost importance to Recticel. Products such as Recticel Eurothane have, therefore, been tested to the highest standards and received BBA certification.

However, it is important to review the certificate of each product as these can vary. In cases where a product has not been classified as non-combustible there may be limitation on where and how it can be used.

Is Recticel Insulation Water Resistant?

Moisture and dampness can significantly reduce the effectiveness of thermal insulation. Recticel have, therefore, developed their range of boards to withstand moisture from ground level or in an attic space.

However, it is recommended that you use a damp resistant layer and vapour control layer in certain applications. This is particularly necessary when insulation floors, whether they are at ground level or suspended.

You should review the certificate of each product as the exact recommendations can vary. If a certificate is not available, contact a member of our team for further guidance on the suitability of Recticel insulation for your project.

How Do You Install Recticel Eurothane?

Recticel Eurothane is installed in a similar way to other types of insulation. An installation guide will also be supplied with most Recticel products, providing a hassle-free process to installing Recticel insulation in different areas throughout your property.

However, there are some general rules to follow when fitting products such as Recticel Eurothane. Following this guidance will prevent damage, maximise efficiency and keep costs low throughout your project.

Store in a Dry Location

Whilst Recticel insulation is resistant to moisture, you should store it in a dry area before use. If possible, you should also avoid storing your boards at ground level as moisture can quickly develop and cause damage.

Only Use Compatible Adhesive

Ensure you use the recommended type of adhesive with Recticel Eurothane to prevent any unforeseen damage. This is as some chemicals do not interact well and may, therefore, not adhere.

Minimise Gaps Between Boards

Measure and cut your Recticel insulation in a fashion that minimises gaps and wastage. They should be pushed snuggly together with no visible gaps to prevent warm air from escaping during cooler months.

Introduce a Damp Resistant Layer

If installing Recticel Eurothane at ground level, a damp proof membrane may be required to protect your insulation. In some cases, you will also benefit from a vapour control layer to further prevent moisture build up.

Follow Installation Instructions

Always follow the methods outlined by Recticel, as these will ensure maximum energy-efficiency is achieved whilst also preventing wastage. It is also important to wear personal protective equipment, such as a face mask and eye protection.

How Do You Cut Recticel Insulation?

Recticel insulation is easy to cut before installation, as long as you follow a few simple steps. All you’ll need to make the cut is a sharp blade.

  1. Measure and then mark out where you want to cut using a straight edge and pencil or felt tip.
  2. Carefully cut along the line you’ve just marked.
  3. Cut a second time to ensure that the two sections have been separated cleanly.

As always, wear all appropriate PPE and consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before commencing any work.