Classic Bond EPDM

Classic Bond are the original manufacturer of rubber roofing membranes. With a half-century track record for crafting these highly durable flat roofing systems, Classic Bond EPDM is often the first choice amongst both homeowners and tradespeople. Aft...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Classic Bond?

Classic Bond are a leading manufacturer of flat roofing materials, with their range of EPDM membranes being a favourite amongst homeowners and tradespeople. These materials are used on both small residential properties and large commercial facilities. 

Each of Classic Bond's products are designed to withstand the challenges faced by a flat roof. This includes standing water, high temperatures and extreme UV. They will therefore remain leak-free for up to 50 years into the future. 

When using Classic Bond EPDM on your flat roof, you can benefit from the ease of installation provided by their seamless membranes and purposely designed accessories. Whether you're replacing an existing flat roof or are fitting a new flat roof, you're in safe hands with Classic Bond. 

What is EPDM? 

Classic Bond EPDM uses a unique formula of ethylene, propylene and diene comonomer. Through combining these, the membrane is able to withstand the challenges often faced by flat roofing materials. This includes ponding water, high temperatures and extreme UV. 

Whilst highly durable, EPDM is also relatively lightweight and very flexible. This makes it easy to install whether you're a handy homeowner or qualified tradesperson. Besides an EPDM membrane, you also require few accessories to fully cover your flat roof. 

How is Classic Bond Installed?

Having been designed for both tradespeople and DIYers, Classic Bond EPDM is surprisingly easy to install. You will simply need to ensure you've prepared your roof deck, have the necessary tools, and have the required materials

For a more detailed breakdown of what you'll need and the process to follow, read our guide to installing Classic Bond EPDM. You're sure to discover a few tricks that will make the entire process go smoother from start to finish.