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Tapco Roof Tiles

Tapco is a leading manufacturer of synthetic slate-effect roof tiles based in the North-East of England. Tapco roof tiles are moulded on natural slates, and add an elegant, premium aesthetic to any pr...

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Common Questions

What Are Tapco Roof Tiles Made From? 

Tapco roof tiles are crafted from a combination of recycled limestone and polypropylene. This provides you with an incredibly lightweight slate alternative, weighing only 0.7kg per tile. It also virtually eliminates the chance of this roof tile cracking or chipping, helping to reduce ongoing maintenance cost. 

How Much Do These Roof Tiles Weigh? 

Tapco roof tiles weigh approximately 14kg per square meter, although this is dependent upon your pitch. These are therefore considerably lighter than traditional slate tiles, which can weigh as much as 32kg per square meter. This reduces the strain placed on your structure and allows you to use these plastic roof tiles on a greater number of projects.

What is the Life Expectancy of Tapco Roof Tiles?  

These roof tiles provide a life expectancy of over 40 years. Tapco are so confident in the longevity and durable of their roof tiles that they also provide a 40 year BBA guarantee. Whilst traditional slate tiles offer a similar life expectancy, they often experience cracks and chips. Tapco tiles will not experience such damage due to their unique formula.

Will These Roof Tiles Fade? 

Tapco roof tiles utilise state of the art “Stay-True” technology. This provides incredible UV stabilisation and therefore prevents them from fading. So your new tapco roof tiles will retain the gorgeous appearance of natural slates throughout their lifespan. 

What is the Minimum Pitch for Tapco Roof Tiles?

These roof tiles can be used on pitches between 14.5 degrees and 90 degrees. The number of tiles required per square meter can vary, with an increased overlap being required on low pitched roofs. 

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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