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Celotex Insulation

Celotex is one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers of PIR insulation boards.  Thanks to their enduring commitment to innovation, Celotex insulation is renowned for its exceptional performance. T...

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Common Questions About Celotex Insulation

Is Celotex Waterproof?

Yes, Celotex insulation is designed to effectively fight excess moisture in the air. This is thanks to the closed cell structure of their products, which makes them hydrophobic; meaning they do not absorb water. This prevents their thermal performance from degrading over time due to water damage, mould or damp.

Is  Celotex Dust Dangerous?

Yes and no, Celotex is non-toxic but breathing dust in from their insulation boards will irritate your lungs. Therefore, while working with Celotex insulation, you should wear protective equipment such as coveralls, goggles and a face mask.

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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