Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan is one of the most trusted and recognised names in the insulation industry world-over. Kingspan insulation is some of the most versatile and high-quality available to tradespeople and homeowners. Kingspan’s insulation boards are designed a...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Kingspan?

Since 1965, Kingspan has been manufacturing a range of insulation usable in homes, offices and other types of construction. At the heart of their range is a selection of easy-to-install roof, wall and floor insulation boards designed to provide unrivalled thermal efficiency.

Kingspan insulation is trusted by tradespeople and homeowners alike, right across the UK. This is due to their continued commitment to both product innovation and sustainability. In fact, Kingspan are well on their way to achieving their goal to power their entire manufacturing process via renewable energy sources.

Is Kingspan Insulation Environmentally Friendly?

Many of Kingspan's roof, wall, and floor insulation boards use a blowing agent with zero Ozone Depletion Potential. Those same products also have a low Global Warming Potential. Providing added reassurance that every step has been taken to minimise the environmental impact of your insulation.

Kingspan is one of the few manufacturers to also commit to a green future. By 2020 they intend to be powered by 100% renewable energy. This ambitious yet stern goal will be achieved by utilising wind, solar and other sustainable power sources. 

Can Kingspan be used as Wall Insulation?

Kingspan insulated panels are perfect for insulating both solid and cavity walls. They’re lightweight, easy to work with and install, and provide a superb level of thermal insulation to make your home a more comfortable place to live and help to cut down on energy bills.

What Is Kingspan Insulation Made Of?

Kingspan insulation is made of polyisocyanurate, or PIR. This thermoset plastic provides a number of fantastic advantages that make it perfect for use as insulation. It’s highly strong, and able to resist compression when formed into boards. It also acts as an outstanding thermal insulator, which is what makes Kingspan so sought after by British homeowners.