Flat Roof Windows

Whether you want to create a more welcoming entrance area or brighten up a kitchen, roof windows are the ideal solution. But if you’re dealing with a flat roof you may believe your options are limited. However, with our range of flat roof windows, ...

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Flat Roof Domes 18
Escape Hatch 2
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Unglazed 1
Double Glazed 1
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£130.00 - £139.99 4
£170.00 - £179.99 1
£180.00 and above 13
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Ariel Plastics 14
Onduline 1
Velux 20
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0 2
2 1
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15 3
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Black 1
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Opal 4
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Onduline - Roof Window - Black
Onduline - Roof Window - Black
£110.44 £143.99
2-4 Days
Mardome Trade - Flat Roof Access Hatch
Has Options
Mardome Trade - Flat Roof Access Hatch
From: £589.63 £678.08
3-7 Days
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Items 1-26 of 35

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand of Flat Roof Windows is Best - Mardome or Fakro? 

Roofing Megastore supplies both Mardome and FAKRO skylights. Both brands are recognised for manufacturing high-quality options and also craft windows to match almost any taste. Unlike FAKRO, Mardome offers low-cost flat roof windows as well as premium alternatives. 

Can I Fit a Skylight on a Pitched Roof?

Flat roof windows are typically only suitable on roofs with virtually no pitch. Therefore, we recommend that you consider our range of pitched roof windows if your roof has a pitch above a couple of degrees.

Can These Skylights Be Fitted Onto a Flat Roof? 

Each of our flat roof windows have been specially designed for flat roofs. Allowing you to flood your living space with natural daylight, even when you're dealing with a flat roof. We recommend consulting your local authority to determine whether planning permission will be necessary. This is largely dictated by your property, its locations, and how much the window projects above the roof plane.

Which Material Can Flat Roof Skylights Be Fitted Onto?

There are few limitations when fitting a skylight. In fact, due to an upstand being necessary they can be installed onto virtually any flat roofing material. This includes rubber membranes such as those manufactured by Classic Bond and Firestone.