Steel Guttering

Steel guttering provides superb durability whilst being surprisingly cost-effective. Making it an ideal rainwater system for a wide variety of building types. These include large houses, small garages, garden buildings and more.  Our selection ...

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Lindab Steel Guttering - Downpipe
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Lindab Steel Guttering - Downpipe
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Items 1-26 of 105

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Join Steel Guttering?

Joining sections of gutter is straightforward for any confident DIYer. For galvanised steel gutters you’ll need to overlap the two sections and rivet them together. Wherever possible, try to do work on the ground before going up the ladder. This is for both ease and your safety.

Overlap the sections by around 4 inches, applying gutter sealant between the two sections. Then, rivet the sections together at the sides, not the bottom as this can lead to leaks. Once the sealant has dried your steel guttering is ready to be installed.

How Do You Cut Steel Guttering?

Cutting steel guttering requires precision and a steady hand, but can be done fairly easily using a pair of tin snips. We’d recommend measuring and marking out where you’d like to cut first using a carpenter’s pencil or a felt-tip pen. If the section you won’t be using is on your left, use right-handed tin snips, or vice-versa. One thing to note is you’ll need to make two cuts to prevent the steel from bending or being damaged. Use the other set of snips to make a cut a couple inches away from the main cut to do this.