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VELUX Windows

Whether you’re converting your loft or building an extension, installing VELUX windows is a wonderful way to brighten up your new space. VELUX has been the leading name roof windows and skylights fo...

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Common Questions

Which VELUX Window is Right for Me?

VELUX windows come in a very wide range of finishes, hanging options and operation types. So, it’s important to choose the right one for your home. Centre pivot windows are generally more popular than top hung windows, as they’re more convenient and easier to clean. However, if you want the maximum amount of ventilation or if it’s a window you want the best view from, a top hung window is the better option.

With regard to the different styles of operation available on VELUX roof windows, they each have their pros and cons. Many homeowners prefer how reliable manual VELUX windows are, as they’re simple to maintain and won’t contribute to energy bills the way an electric one would. Electric roof windows are popular because of how incredibly convenient opening a window at the touch of a button is, as well as the fact that they’re perfect for high ceilings or other hard-to-reach spaces. Solar powered VELUX windows come with all the benefits of electric ones, but they’re eco-friendly and need no wiring as they are powered by the sun.

How Do I Select My Velux Window Size?

If you’re looking to buy VELUX windows for your home, we’ve got a handy guide to VELUX Window Sizes over on our blog. In a nutshell, the larger the window, the more light and air you’ll be able to let into the room below.

A general rule to keep in mind is that a window should be at least approximately 10% of the floor space, but this all depends on the style of your home. If you live in an older property, then smaller windows may be fitting, whereas a more modern home would greatly benefit from a larger VELUX window.

What Type of Window Glazing Should I Choose?

VELUX windows are available in a number of different window glazing options, each with their own advantages. The most popular VELUX glazing option for homeowners is their triple glazing, which reduces heat loss from your home as well as keeping unwanted noise out. Making your home more peaceful and energy-efficient at the same time. VELUX roof windows can also be equipped with glazing that provides added security, extra privacy and more.

How Long Do VELUX Windows Last?

VELUX windows are manufactured to the highest standards, made from quality materials by experienced engineers and designers. They’re built to withstand all weather conditions and have been known to remain in good condition for decades. They’re so sure and proud of their windows’ quality, VELUX offer a 10 year guarantee on all VELUX roof windows, as well as 3 year warranties on electrical products, blinds and shutters.

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