VELUX Sun Tunnels

VELUX Sun Tunnels are unmatched at bringing plenty of natural daylight into the darkest spaces thanks to the specially designed light tube, which passes through your loft space from roof to ceiling. Due to their smaller size, they’re perfect ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do VELUX Sun Tunnels Cost?

Sun tunnels are an incredibly cost-effective way to fill your home with natural daylight. This is mostly due to the hassle-free installation, which should require little labor and cause minimal disruption. However, they also significantly reduce your reliance on artificial light and help cut your energy bills.

VELUX Sun Tunnels are competitively priced at approximately £280 each. However, you may require a tube extension if the space between your roof and ceiling exceeds that of the included tube. A 600mm extension tube is priced at approximately £60 with a 1200mm extension tube priced at approximately £115.  

When you consider the installation cost, a sun tunnel will cost between £500 to £1,000. This is significantly less than a traditional skylight, which are significantly higher priced and requires considerably more time and expertise to be installed.


Will I Need Planning Permission for a VELUX Sun Tunnel?

You will not typically require planning permission if your sun tunnel does not protrude more than 150mm from the roof plane or require extensive alterations to be made to your property. But as this is largely dependent upon your property and region, we recommend consulting your local authority before installing a VELUX sun tunnel.

The PlanningPortal is a Government-backed resource with a wealth of information on applying for planning permission. Click here to use their handy tool for determining whether you need permission to undertake a variety of home improvement projects.