Glazing Bars

Glazing bars are an essential part of any glass or polycarbonate roofing system, whether it be on a large conservatory or small pergola. These bars provide you with a clean finish and help to prolong the lifespan of your glass or polycarbonate roof. ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying roofing materials can be daunting, especially when ordering them online. With over 40 years of experience in roofing, however, we get asked a lot of questions about our growing range of polycarbonate glazing bars. Here are some of the most common questions with answers for each!

Which Material is Best – Plastic or Aluminium Glazing Bars?

Roofing Megastore supply both plastic and aluminium glazing bars. Whilst both do the same job, they have been designed and manufactured for particular project types. Therefore, when ordering bars you should ensure you choose those that are purposely crafted for your project.

Plastic glazing bars are manufactured from high-quality PVC, which is ideal for multiwall polycarbonate. These bars require a timber frame are only suitable for low-mid span polycarbonate roofing projects. Due to the weight of solid polycarbonate and glass panels, plastic glazing bars should not be used on such projects.

Aluminium glazing bars are ideal for solid polycarbonate and glass panels, but can also be used with multiwall polycarbonate if desired. Due to their aluminium build, they can also be used on high-span roofing projects. Whilst standard aluminium bars require a timber frame, self-supporting glazing bars can withstand the weight of your panels without additional structural support.

Why Do I Need Polycarbonate Glazing Bars?

Glazing bars are an essential part of any conservatory, pergola or greenhouse roof. They ensure your roofing sheets are secured in place and will not be lifted by strong wind. Through the use of rubber gaskets, they are prevent water ingress below your polycarbonate or glass panels. 

Whilst some will fix polycarbonate roofing sheets onto a timber structure without such connecting bars, this will likely reduce the lifespan of those sheets. This is as water can enter the sheets more easily and the fixings will struggle to hold your sheets in place.

What is Used to Connect Multiple Sheets?

When connecting multiple polycarbonate or glass panels along the length, you will use a glazing bar. These feature a base plate and top bar, which hold your roofing sheets snuggly in place. If you are connecting sheets along the width, you will use a H section.

Will an End Cap Be Included with Your Bar?

A single end cap is provided with each connecting bar. This end cap is used on the exposed end to stop water or wind from entering your glazing bar. Should you wish to seal both ends of the bar or intend to cut them on site, you can buy additional end caps too.

Are Polycarbonate Glazing Bars Available in Other Colours?

The majority of our plastic bars are only available in either white or brown. Our aluminium range, however, can be coloured to match that of a provided RAL colour. As an additional cost may apply and the estimated delivery date may vary, we recommend that you contact our team online or by telephone.