Copper Guttering

Copper Guttering combines the incredible aesthetics and unique natural properties of copper to provide homeowners with a traditionally beautiful, yet highly durable rainwater system. Copper guttering can be installed onto virtually any property, lend...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Copper Gutters?

Copper guttering is actually incredibly simple to clean. Firstly, remember to always wear gloves when working with copper. This is to prevent the natural oils on your hands from damaging the surface finish on your guttering. You should also use soft, non-metallic materials to clean away debris as metal tools can scratch the surface of the copper.

You’ll need:

  • 500ml white vinegar
  • 200g salt
  • 200g flour

Stir these ingredients together until they form a homogenous paste. Then, apply the paste to the surface of your copper gutters and wipe it off thoroughly using a soft cloth. Once completed, your copper guttering should be gleaming again.

How Long Does It Take for Copper Gutters to Patina?

Copper’s turquoise patina is one of its greatest appeals to homeowners looking to add character to their home. This patina, sometimes called Verdigris, forms when the copper reacts to moisture and oxygen in the air. This process can take up to twenty years, or even longer in drier climates.