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Isover is a world-renowned leader in manufacturing sustainable, high-quality insulation. Isover products can be found in over a third of homes right across Europe. Their products are crafted to meet or exceed all standards for thermal and acoustic pe...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often come to us with a number of frequently asked questions about Isover mineral wool insulation. Here are answers to each of these:

Who Are Isover?

A part of the Saint-Gobain Group, Isover are one of the world’s leading insulation manufacturers. Isover insulation is used across the globe and can be found in 1 in 3 homes in Europe. Not only is it helping to keep homes more comfortable and improve energy efficiency, but it’s also reducing utility bills for tens of millions of homeowners.

Isover has a long history of providing top-quality mineral wool insulation for a variety of applications. Isover insulation is used in both residential and commercial buildings, as well as in cavity walls, floors and roof spaces. They remain dedicated to developing and offering products that are best-in-class, often exceeding the requirements of stringent European regulations.

What Are the Benefits of Isover Insulation?

Fire risk has become a major concern for homeowners and property developers when choosing insulation in recent years. Thankfully, as glass mineral wool is non-combustible, that needn’t be a worry with Isover insulation. Their products boast an A1 Euroclass Fire Rating, which is one of the highest grades available.

As well as being very highly resistant to fire damage, Isover insulation is also resilient against water damage and mould. This is due to the fact that these slabs have been designed for use in external cavity walls – where condensation build-up is often an issue.

Why Is Isover Mineral Wood a Good Insulator?

Isover’s range of mineral wool insulation offers exceptional thermal and acoustic efficiency for a number of reasons. Mineral wool is a porous material, which traps air inside millions of tiny pockets. This trapped air helps to keep the inside of the property warm and prevent heat transfer. Mineral wool insulation is also a brilliant acoustic insulator, as its porous nature and elasticity help to prevent sound transmission.