Lead Soakers

Lead soakers are an integral part of virtually any tiled roof. Not only do they prevent any water ingress at the abutment to a wall, but also provide a professional aesthetic. Using standard lead rolls to form soakers can be time-consuming. You'll al...

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Lead Soakers - 25 Pack - British Lead
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Lead Soakers - 25 Pack - British Lead
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Lead Soakers?

At the abutment of a wall, chimney etc. you will need to create a weatherproof seal. The easiest way to achieve this is by using pre-formed lead soakers such as those produced by British Lead. 

Lead soakers are placed beneath each tile and sit into a groove in the masonry of the wall. Due to the individual soakers being overlapped they prevent any water ingress at the abutment. 

By using purposely designed lead soakers you will not only extend the lifespan of your roof but also achieve a professional finish. Whilst you can craft soakers from lead rolls, this is typically more time-consuming. 

How Do You Install Lead Soakers?

Pre-formed lead soakers are purposely designed to speed up the installation process. This is demonstrated in British Lead's video, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Why Are the Soakers Made from Aluminium?

Whilst lead is a superb roofing material, it has the potential to be incredibly heavy. Aluminum is therefore used as a lightweight alternative to traditional lead soakers. 

Much like lead, aluminum is very durable. It will not warp, crack or discolour throughout its lifespan. Although, you should not use aluminum on buildings exposed to a marine atmosphere. This is as salt can accelerate the corrosion of aluminum.