Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are a vital part of any comprehensive roof ventilation system. Roof ridge vents are installed at the apex of a roof to allow warm air to easily escape the loft space. When used alongside tile or eave ventilation, a ridge vent will allow ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ridge Vents?

Ridge vents are an important part of roof ventilation and are typically fitted beneath existing ridge tiles. They work in unison with eave or tile vents to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air through your loft space. This prevents the build-up of moisture to protect the insulation and timber in your roof from dampness or rot.

Do Ridge Vents Allow Water Through?

Ridge vents are purposely designed to prevent water from finding its way into your loft space. Whilst sideways rain may enter on occasion, this is very unlikely and should quickly dry due to the continuous flow of fresh air.

What Are the Other Types of Roof Ventilation?

Eave and tile vents are just a few other types of roof ventilation. You can view our full range of ventilation solutions by clicking here.