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Roof Tile Vents

Ensuring your roof space is well ventilated is vital. In addition to ridge and eave ventilation, roof tile vents are a superb way to ensure a consistent flow of fresh and combat the potentially of con...

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Common Questions

Why Do You Need to Ventilate Your Roof?

As the temperature outside fluctuates throughout the year, the warmth from within your home can cause condensation to form. As heat rises this is particularly likely in your loft.

Unfortunately, much of the materials in your loft do not respond well to moisture. This includes timber battens and insulation, which can quickly become damp and begin to rot.

A ventilated roof uses ridge, eaves and tile vents to maintain a consistent flow of fresh air. This prevents warm air from building up and condensation forming. Your timber, insulation and the items stored in your loft are therefore protected.

What Happens If My Loft Space Isn’t Ventilated?

Whilst the exact impact of a poorly ventilated roof can vary, it typically causes the build-up of excess moisture. This can quickly cause wood to rot, mould to form on fabrics and much more.

In most circumstances it is the timber and insulation in your loft that are most likely to be damaged. Rotting timber can quickly become weak and damp insulation is unable to keep your home warm.

Of course, another thing to consider is the damage that could be caused to items stored in your loft. Clothes, soft toys and electricals are particularly prone to damage in a poorly ventilated roof.   

What If I Can’t Find a Vent to Match My Roof Tiles?

Whilst there is a selection of universal tile vents, you will typically benefit from one purposely designed for your roofing system. If you’re unable to find this, we recommend contacting our team on 01295 565 565.

Although, you will find roof tile vents for the Britmet, Envirotile and Tapco systems available online. These use the same materials, colours and finish as the tiles manufactured by these brands.

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