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Timber Supplies

Whether you’re simply converting your loft space or are renovating your entire property, using high quality timber supplies is a must. As a vital part of your structure, you must ensure that the...

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Common Questions

What is Timber?

Timber is a type of wood that has been processed to craft either beams, planks or sheets. This process strengthens the wood and therefore makes it suitable for structural use.

Most structural timber suppliers are crafted from softwood, such as pine or spruce. However, hardwood may be used to manufacture timber for specific applications.

What is Timber Used For?

Timber supplies are used at various stages of the construction process. This includes when constructing the floors, walls and roofs of a building.

You can also used timber beams, plants and sheets in smaller DIY projects. This may include a small shed or garden house build, for example.

What Are the Different Types of Timber Supplies?

Common types of timber supplies include spruce battens, OSB boards, plywood sheets or chipboard. However, there are many other types of timber available for use in large structural and small DIY projects.

The type of timber you'll require is largely dependent upon your project. For example, you may use OSB as a flooring solution in areas with high humidity (i.e. bathrooms) and plywood for wall sheathing in dry conditions (i.e. residential home).

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