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Chipboard Sheets

Whether you’re replacing damp loft boards or need flooring boards for an extension, chipboard sheets are ideal. This low-cost yet durable timber supply can be used a wide variety of building app...

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Common Questions

What are Chipboard Sheets?

Chipboard consists of compressed wood chips, sawmill shavings and other timber. This is combined with a resin, which does not only bind the materials together but also typically provides further resistance to moisture.

Chipboard, which is often referred to as particle board, is considerably denser than other timber panels. Despite this it is also noticeable cheaper. It therefore provides you with a solution that is low-cost and provides superb longevity.

Due to their build-up, chipboard sheets are typically used in flooring applications. They are particularly ideal for those looking to board an attic area, as they are economical but still able to withstand considerable loads.

What is the Standard Size of Chipboard?

Chipboard sheets are typically 2400mm x 600mm in size. This allows them to be used in small loft spaces whilst still providing suitable coverage for large flooring areas.

Remember that these timber panels can be easily cut without the need for specialist equipment. Simply ensure you wear a protective face mask which covers your eyes, nose and mouth. You should also try to do it in an open space.

Can Chipboard Sheets Be Used Outside?

No, whilst our chipboard sheets are moisture resistant, they should not be exposed to rain. Once wet it can take a considerably amount of time to dry and the overall structure of the board will be impacted.   

Can These Sheets Be Used as Loft Boards?

Yes, our chipboard is hand-picked for use in attic spaces. Due to them being P5 graded they can withstand load, such as the weight of insulation or other items you may be storing in your loft. This makes them ideal as loft boards.

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