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Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Box profile sheets are among the toughest and most versatile roofing solutions available. The combination of strong materials and a sturdy boxed corrugation offers unrivalled resistance to impacts and...

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5915 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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Common Questions

What Are Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

These sheets are like any other metal roofing sheet but feature distinctive box sections rather than typical curved corrugations. These are a common sight on agricultural buildings as well as commercial warehouses. 

See below a graphic demonstrating the sections of a box profile sheet. These sections can vary in width and height but are typically available in either a 32/1000 or 34/1000 profile.

Diagram showing the corrugations of a box profile roofing sheet.

Where Can You Use These Sheets?  

These roof sheets can be used on virtually any roofing or cladding application where the pitch is between 10° and 90°. They are particularly ideal for use on agricultural buildings, such as stables and bale storage. Although you will also see them being used on commercial warehouses, such as distribution centres and storage facilities.

As they are manufactured from 0.5mm or 0.7mm steel, they are considerably lighter than many alternatives (i.e. fibre cement). Whilst this significantly reduces the structural support required, these sheets can weight in excess of 4.78kg per square meter. 

How Much Do These Sheets Cost? 

The cost of these metal roofing sheets starts at approximately £7 per square meter. However, this price can vary dependent upon the thickness of steel and coating selected. 

Whilst the initial cost of box profile roofing sheets is higher to some alternatives, the longterm cost is significantly lower. This is as they require virtually no maintenance and offer a life expectancy of between 10 - 25 years dependent on the coating. 

Which Coating is Best?

We've partnered with Cladco and Hornsey Steel to offer these roof sheets in a choice of coatings. This includes polyester paint and PVC plastisol coatings, which help to extend the lifespan of your sheet and prevent any scratches. 

Polyester Paint Coated

With a life expectancy of between 10 - 15 years, our polyester paint coated sheets provide added protection from bad weather and minor scratches without any added cost. However, by choosing to have your sheets coated in polyester you're also able to choose from a selection of popular colours. These include black, green, grey, blue and white. 

PVC Plastisol Coated

By coating our box profile roofing sheets in PVC plastisol, they provide up to 10 years of additional lifespan. They also offer added protection against severe weather and hard scratches. You are also able to choose from a range of popular colours. These include black, green, grey, blue and white. 

How Do You Cut Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Firstly, we’d recommend cutting these sheets face down on a flat surface that’s raised off the ground by padded supports. This is for your own safety and using solid supports or cutting in situ raises the risk of damaging the structure of the sheets.

  1. Draw out the line you’d like to cut using a straight edge and a marker pen.
  2. Using a fine tooth blade, use a circular saw to very carefully cut along the edge you’ve marked.
  3. Rub along the cut edge with an emery cloth to smooth out the cut edge.

How Do You Measure Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Customers often ask us how to measure their box profile sheets, getting confused by the corrugations. Thankfully, it’s actually a very simple process. Simply measure the sheets from end to end, as if they were flat and didn’t feature the box profile. Don’t forget to measure the thickness, as this is a vital component in their strength and suitability for certain applications.