Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Box profile sheets are some of the toughest and most versatile roofing materials available. The combination of strong steel and sturdy box profile corrugations offers unrivalled durability, resisting impacts and corrosion. This resilience makes box p...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Although structurally similar to other metal roofing sheets, the box profile variety instead features distinctive box sections rather than the classic curved corrugations. The sheets are crafted using a robust combination of high-strength materials to provide exceptional levels of durability, impact and corrosion resistancee. 


Box profile roofing sheets are usually spotted on agricultural buildings and commercial warehouses. This type of sheet typically boasts a 32/1000 or 34/1000 profile, though the sections can vary in width and height. See below for a graphic depicting the various sections of a box profile sheet.

Diagram showing the corrugations of a box profile roofing sheet.

Where Can You Use These Sheets?

Box profile roofing sheets have great versatility so can be used on virtually any roofing or cladding application between 10° and 90° in pitch. The structural properties and form make this type of roof sheet perfectly suited to agricultural buildings such as stables and bale storage. You may also see them commonly used in the construction of commercial warehouses such as distribution centres and storage facilities.


As box profile sheets are typically manufactured using 0.5mm and 0.7mm steel, they are significantly lighter than many alternatives (i.e. fibre cement). This lightweight build helps to considerably reduce the structural support required, although the sheets can weight in excess of 4.78kg per square meter.

How Much Do These Sheets Cost?

Starting at approximately £7 per square meter, box profile sheets may seem more expensive in comparison to alternative materials. However, in the long term, they produce significantly lower costs with virtually no maintenance required and an impressive life expectancy of 10 - 25 years dependant on the choice of coating.


£7 is the average starting cost, although the price can vary dependant on the thickness of the steel and the coating selected.

Which Coating is Best?

The choice of coating can have a significant impact on the strength, durability, longevity and appearance of your box profile sheets. We have partnered with trusted brands such as Hornsey Steel to offer these sheets in a selection of high-quality coatings including polyester paint and PVC plastisol. Let’s take a look at both to compare.


Polyester Paint Coated

Boosting life expectancy to 10-15 years, our polyester paint coating ensures excellent longevity and strength for your box profile sheets. This impressive coating provides top protection against weathering and minor scratches at no extra cost to you. It is available in a range of popular colours including black, green, grey, blue and white, giving you the freedom to create the perfect aesthetic for your building structure.


PVC Plastisol Coated

Robust and durable, our PVC plastisol coating provides added protection against harsh weathering and hard scratches to improve the lifespan of your box profile sheets by up to 10 additional years. Once again, this top-grade coating is available in a selection of attractive colours including black, green, grey, blue and white.

How Do You Cut Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Firstly, we’d recommend cutting these sheets face down on a flat surface that’s raised off the ground by padded supports. This is for your own safety and using solid supports or cutting in situ raises the risk of damaging the structure of the sheets.

  1. Draw out the line you’d like to cut using a straight edge and a marker pen.
  2. Using a fine tooth blade, use a circular saw to very carefully cut along the edge you’ve marked.
  3. Rub along the cut edge with an emery cloth to smooth out the cut edge.

How Do You Measure Box Profile Roofing Sheets?

Due to the corrugations, it may seem a little confusing as to how box profile sheets should be measured. Thankfully, it is actually a very simple process.


All you have to do is measure the box profile sheet from one end to the other, as if the sheet were flat with no corrugations. This will provide you with the measurements you need.


Make sure you also don’t forget to measure the thickness as this may determine the strength and suitability of the sheets for varying applications.

What Thickness is Right for Me?

Our high-quality range of box profile roofing sheets are available in both 0.5mm and 0.7mm sheet thicknesses. But which of these is best for your project?


Generally, the difference between the 0.5mm and 0.7mm thicknesses comes down to the robustness of the roofing sheet. The 0.7mm sheets will typically offer a higher level of structural resilience and durability so are more suited to heavier duty roofing applications. The 0.5mm size does still offer a high degree of strength, however is usually better fitting for cladding wall projects.