Conservation Roof Windows

Living in an area of protected beauty or in a property with historical importance is more common than you may think. So welcoming extra light into your home whilst keeping the character and original architecture can be tough. The solution in many cas...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Conservation Roof Window?

If you live in an area of protected beauty or a property of historical importance you may not be able to use normal roof windows. This is as local authorities will often have strict requirements to preserve the auesthetics of the local area. 

Unlike normal windows, conservation roof windows feature a uniquely coloured external frame and integrated mullion bar. These are often required to meet the demands of building regulations in towns and villages across the UK. 

Despite being designed specially for conservation areas, these roof windows still offer many of the same capabilities as normal roof windows. These include superb security features and incredible insulating capabilities. 

Why Are All Conservation Windows Black? 

In most circumstances, you will be required to have a black outer frame in a conservation area. All conservation roof windows therefore feature a black finish on the outside, although they may feature pine or UPVC internal frames.