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Product Description

Overview of the Code 4 Lead Flashing

  • Code 4 machine-cast lead 
  • Extremely durable materials used in property construction for centuries 
  • Excellent value for money, incredibly cost-effective 
  • Guarantee of 50 years 
  • Very eco-friendly, minimal effect on the environment 
  • Outstanding visual appearance 
  • Range of sizes available to suit you and your project 

One of the flagship productions of industry specialists Midland Lead, this lead flashing is ideal for countless property types and will provide your roof with incredible reliability, excellent durability and a high level of bespoke visual professionalism. 

Lead is one of the top roofing materials on the market and has been a firm favourite in the industry for hundreds of years. With fantastic examples like the product range offered by Midland Lead, it’s not hard to see why. 

What are the Main Benefits of Lead? 

The popularity of lead can be attributed in part to how malleable it is, and Midland Lead products are no exception. Lead from Midland is extremely durable and can easily withstand intense weather conditions as well as aging over time. 

Able to last for well over 100 years without failing, lead is exceptional value for money. The lifespan of lead is proven by the thousands of properties that haven’t required the mending or removal of damaged lead, despite the material being installed many decades ago. 

Other products simply can’t match lead in durability and cost-effectiveness, and many manufacturers will not put a guarantee on their products that lasts longer than 10 or 20 years – Midland Lead rolls possess a guarantee of 50 years. 

Is There a Difference Between This Type of Lead and Others? 

The lead we stock from Midland is also known as ‘machine-cast’ lead. While different from milled lead in the production process, the two products are very similar as far as performance is concerned. Cast lead is produced by dipping a rotating water-cooled drum in a bath of molten lead. 

Milled and cast lead are produced to exact same chemical expectations – Midland always tries to ensure that their lead is at the very least 99.92% pure, with rigorous quality control methods in place to ensure the superiority of their products. 

There is a slight visual difference between cast lead and other lead types. This texture is a great example of the quality visual appearance lead possesses regardless of its production method, with excellent colouring that will compliment your roof perfectly. 

What Projects Can I Use This Lead On? 

This product benefits from a CE mark EN14783, which means it is suitable for all roofing and cladding applications, including flat and pitched roofing. It is also ideal for cladding, detail work, guttering system work and more. 

A key selling point of lead is its extraordinarily high levels of versatility – it can be used on a whole range of buildings from small traditional homes to much larger community structures. Both pitched and flat roofs can incorporate lead products into their designs. 

Midland lead has seen its products used on hundreds of properties up and down the UK, with traditional buildings especially benefitting from the classic appearance of lead coupled with the newest design technologies used in their construction. 

Thanks to the different sizes of this particular lead available, it can be incorporated into both large and small building endeavours. Whether you are refurbishing a conservatory or mending the roof of a manor, Midland Lead products can be used in projects big and small. 

Is Lead Good for the Environment? 

Sustainability is a critically important factor in all roofing materials, now more than ever before, and Midland Lead are aware of this. Thankfully, their products are among some of the most environmentally ‘green’ on the market, with lead in particular proving very eco-friendly. 

This range of machine-cast lead has been created using lead material that is 100% recycled, massively reducing the potential carbon footprint this product possesses. Roofs with lead installations can boast a rating of A or A+ in the BRE Green Guide. 

Lead’s melting point is also fairly low compared to other industrial materials, so it takes far less emission-creating energy to melt it into the desired shape. It’s extremely long lifespan of at least 50-60 years also reduces environmental impact and is incredibly cost-effective to boot. 

How Easy is it to Install and Maintain Lead? 

Midland Lead products are incredibly easy to use, as is lead as material in general. Thanks to its malleable properties, it can work in harmony alongside hundreds of different building products and is as non-corrosive as it is flexible. 

Lead is also extremely resistant to the elements that will be inevitably hurled at it by our notoriously fickle British weather. Not only is the lead protected against being lifted by the wind, but it can also withstand intense rainfall and hot and cold temperature conditions. 

Speaking of weather, lead is also unique in that it can be applied to your roof in all sorts of conditions. While many roofing materials can only be installed in dry, mild weather, lead is far less dependent on these conditions. 

What Code is This Lead? 

When looking at lead flashings, the ‘code’ is another term for the thickness of the product. We stock codes 3-8, which should be more than enough of a range to help you carry out a vast range of different projects of varying scale and scope. 

Codes are important as lead tends to move and change shape ever so slightly with changing temperatures, and the various codes are established taking this into account. This ensures that your property is not damaged or weakened by the thermal movement of the flashing. 

This particular variation is code 4. This is a step up in thickness from code 3, but at a nominal thickness of 1.80mm, it’s nevertheless on the lower end of the thickness scale. 

Who is Midland Lead? 

Midland Lead are specialists in cast lead products, with 30+ years in this incredibly competitive industry. In that time, they have risen to become one of the most prominent names on the market, with their products boasting plenty of durability, sustainability and of course quality. 

Lead is one of the more environmentally friendly roofing materials available on the market and is remarkably easy to reuse and recycle. Lead is a featured building material in the BRE Green Guide with an A+ or A rated material, highlighting its significance as a green roofing option. 

Midland Lead has seen its products used on hundreds of structures across the country, from churches to town halls and many more. From their headquarters in the East Midlands, they ensure customer satisfaction by providing fantastic products to projects across the country. 

Have a Question About this Code 4 Lead Flashing? 

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Product Specifications

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Lead Time3-5 Days
BrandMidland Lead
Guarantee60 Years
Thickness1.8 mm


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