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Balcony Windows

Balcony windows provide you with a place in the sun, even when you’re lacking a garden or terrace. This is achieved whilst keeping installation easy with it causing minimal disruption to your da...

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5915 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2020

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How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

It’s actually very easy to calculate how many square meters or foot an area is, whether it is a simple rectangle or more complex shape. When dealing with a simple rectangle, just multiply the length by the width for your total square meterage or footage. If you’re dealing with a more complex shape, treat each area as a rectangle and perform the same calculation. Then combine the square meterage or footage of each area for to get the total area.

calculate m2 illustration

Common Questions

What is a Balcony Roof Window?

A balcony window is simply a roof window that transform to provide a small balcony-like area. During this transformation the lower sash of the window extends slightly to take advantage of the area of flooring immediately beneath your roof window. This space is traditionally wasted due to the height being significantly restricted with a standard roof window.

Balcony roof windows are available from several manufacturers. These include FAKRO and VELUX, who offer the popular FAKRO Galaria and VELUX Cabrio. Whilst there are a few minor differences between the two, both offer innovative ways to enhance your living space.

Do Your Require Planning Permission for a Balcony Window?

You may be required to apply for local planning permission before you’re able to install a balcony window. This will be dependent upon the regulations in your region and type of property, as different laws govern properties in conservation areas of or historical importance.