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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Flat Roof Repair Guide

    Flat Roof Repair Guide

    Whilst they keep rain out of our living rooms and prevent us from freezing in the winter, flat roofs are not infallible. Over time your flat roofing material, no matter how sturdy, will come to need repairs. In this guide we’ll go through the different types of problems you may encounter on different types of roofs as well as how the intrepid DIYer may go about fixing and/or preventing them.

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  2. The Complete Polycarbonate Roofing System

    The Complete Polycarbonate Roofing System

    Whether you’re building a lean-to or are reviving your conservatory roof, polycarbonate is the ideal solution. This is due to being wonderfully lightweight and highly durable, all whilst being relatively low-cost. Building a polycarbonate roof can be a challenge. This is as it is not only the sheet you’ll need, but you’ll also require the compatible trims and fixings. These help to ensure your polycarbonate roofing sheets are secured into place.

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  3. Roof Battens: What You Need to Consider

    Roof Battens: What You Need to Consider

    It’s easy to think that any timber batten can be used on roofing applications. However, there are strict regulations governing what timber can be used to batten a roof. These regulations ensure thathealth and safety isn’t put at risk. After all, your timber battens must withstand a considerable amount of weight.

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  4. Extra 10% Off Britmet Tiles This October (Coupon Code)

    Extra 10% Off Britmet Tiles This October (Coupon Code)

    Whether you're looking to order their Ecopan roof sheet or Profile 49 metal tile, you can make mega savings on virtually all Britmet roofing tiles and sheets this October. Simply enter the coupon code 'BRITMET10' in your shopping basket and we'll knock an extra 10% off. This voucher code is valid on all Britmet tiles and flashings, excluding the Britmet Liteslate range or Britmet continuous dry verge.

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