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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  1. ​What Is the Right Insulation for an Attic: Faced or Unfaced?

    Air migrates from warmer spaces toward colder spaces, and insulation is designed to help prevent or at least slow that migration. Facing is a thin layer of paper or plastic attached to one side of batting insulation, which is sold in a roll. Whether you choose faced or unfaced insulation for the attic depends on the application and whether some insulation already is present.

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  2. How To Install Shed Ventilation

    How To Install Shed Ventilation

    Does your shed roof have ventilation? If you said no this guide is for you! It's important to always ventilate your shed to avoid excess moisture and mould, so we've made a installation guide for you, so you can install your ventilation with ease!

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  3. ​Find Out What Roof Type You Have!

    ​Find Out What Roof Type You Have!

    Are you confused about what roof types are, and what roof type you have? Well now there’s no need to be, we here at Roofing Megastore are here to help with this simple, yet effective, guide on roof types!

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