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Britmet Lightweight Roofing

Britmet is the UK’s only manufacturer of lightweight roofing systems and materials. From their West Midlands factory, they craft high-quality materials for a variety of building types. This includes...

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4291 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2020

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How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

It’s actually very easy to calculate how many square meters or foot an area is, whether it is a simple rectangle or more complex shape. When dealing with a simple rectangle, just multiply the length by the width for your total square meterage or footage. If you’re dealing with a more complex shape, treat each area as a rectangle and perform the same calculation. Then combine the square meterage or footage of each area for to get the total area.

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Common Questions About Britmet Tiles and Sheets

Who Are Britmet Lightweight Roofing?

Britmet Lightweight Roofing (previously named Britmet Tileform) is the only UK manufacturer of lightweight roofing systems. The majority of their materials are crafted at their 37,000 square feet factory in the West Midlands before being distributed to tradespeople and homeowners nationwide.

In recent decades, Britmet has become recognised for its range of metal roof tiles.  These include popular profiles such as the Britmet Ultratile, Britmet Plaintile, and Britmet Villatile. Each is manufactured from steel and feature granular coatings to protect from corrosion and more. 

For those seeking greater coverage, Britmet Lightweight Roofing introduced a range of tile effect panels to accompany their metal roof tiles. These include the Britmet Pantile 2000 and Britmet Ecopan, the latter of which is made to measure and available in lengths of up to 5m.   

In 2019, the UK manufacturer launched Britmet LiteSlate. Produced from plastic, it is designed as an alternative to natural slate and ideal for buildings lacking structural support. Unlike natural slate, this synthetic tile is available in a choice of colours such as charcoal, oak, and sunshine. 

Roofing Megastore is delighted to offer the full range of Britmet tiles and sheets. When ordered online or by telephone, they will typically be on your doorstep within 5 days accompanied by an easy to follow installation guide.

Is a Warranty Supplied with Britmet Products? 

Due to their confidence in the durability of their products, Britmet guarantees most of its roofing materials for up to 40 years. This is significantly longer than competing products, some of which offer a warranty of only 15 years. 

Some of the warranties supplied with Britmet tiles and sheets are backed by the BBA (British Board of Agrement). This requires the materials to be thoroughly tested and certified by the UK's leading construction Certification Body. 

Please refer to the downloadable PDFs found on each product page. These will confirm whether the product is guaranteed and under what conditions. It is also vital that you follow Britmet's installation methods to keep any warranty valid.