FAKRO Balcony Windows

Fakro balcony windows are an innovative, stylish alternative to a full balcony. While closed, they offer all the benefits of a gorgeous Fakro pitched roof window. When opened up, they reveal a standing space for you to take in some fresh air and unm...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need Planning Permission for a Balcony Window?

A balcony window shouldn’t require planning permission and would normally fall under permitted development. While balconies or verandas have required planning permission since 2015, a balcony window should not as it would not extend past your front or rear roof slope, nor would it require the construction of a raised platform. This does depend however, as if you’re undertaking larger work such as a loft conversion, the planning officer would need to review all windows involved. When in doubt, you should contact your local authority for confirmation.