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Metal Free Safety Boots

Metal free boots and shoes are increasingly popular modern alternatives to steel toe boots that come with a wide array of unique benefits. They’re a much more lightweight safety boot thanks to their...

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Common Questions About Metal Free Boots

What are Composite Safety Boots?

Composite safety boots are a form of safety footwear built using much more modern materials for their safety features. Instead of traditional steel, they contain composite toe caps or midsoles, usually made of kevlar, carbon fibre or fibreglass. Composite does not mean metal free however, as other components like laces, zips and so on may be metallic, meaning they’re not truly metal free boots. If metal free safety shoes are a requirement at your work place, make sure the pair you choose are the real deal.

Are Composite Safety Boots Less Safe Than Steel Toe Boots?

While both steel toe boots and metal free boots are both constructed according to the same comprehensive European safety standards, there are some differences in the level of protection they offer.

Steel toe caps or midsoles tend to be sturdier than composite ones, so if you work in an especially hazardous environment, you may prefer to choose safety boots with steel protective features instead.

Metal free boots do have an advantage following an accident however, as composite materials retain or recover their shape far more easily than steel. So if your feet suffer a significant impact such as something very heavy being dropped onto them, with steel toe boots it’s far more likely that your feet may be trapped by the steel toe cap, making removing the shoe far more difficult, possibly even requiring surgery.

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10,280 Reviews

Trusted Service Award 2022

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