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Brick Sealer

Sealing masonry and brickwork both in- and outside of your home is a vital part of protecting it against the elements and ensuring greater durability against wear and tear. We’ve partnered with top ...

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Common Questions About Brick Sealers

How Do You Apply Brick Sealant?

If you’re using a garden sprayer, start by applying a light coat followed by a heavier coat to finish. This will allow the product to attach most strongly to the surface of the masonry. Another benefit of this method is that it avoids inconsistent coverage, as well as unsightly dripping or waste. Your brickwork will become water resistant within 24 hours and achieve maximum protection after 7 days.

Although you can apply this sealant to your brickwork at any time during the year, you should use your judgement and assess whether the product could realistically dry that day. Therefore, avoid days when it is especially windy, raining or the temperature is below 10°C.

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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