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Marley Roof Tiles

Marley Roof Tiles

Marley Roof Tiles

Marley has over 100 years of roofing expertise and is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of roofing systems. At the heart of this range are their iconic tiles. These include both clay and concrete roof tiles. Marley also crafts a range of high-quality metal roofing sheets. These are ideal for various agricultural properties.

Marley roof tiles can be found in a variety of finishes and colours. Marley also craft clay and concrete roof tiles in a choice of profiles. This allows you to get an iconic yet personalised tile for your property. Marley tiles also comply with various British Standards and are used on thousands of properties across the country. This highlights their incredible quality and versatility.

Marley roofing materials combine proven manufacturing techniques with high-quality materials. This provides you with roofing tiles and sheets that are ideal for a variety of projects. Marley roof tiles and sheets are also certain to match the aesthetics of your property and its surroundings. It is for this reason that they are a great alternative to tiles from Redland and Sandtoft. 

Roofing Megastore stock a great selection of Marley roofing materials. If you're in search of Marley roof tile prices or want to order, get in touch! You can speak to our team by telephone or via the online live chat. With over 40 years of experience in roofing, we'll help you order everything you will need for your upcoming project. 

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5915 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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More About Marley Roof Tiles

Marley is a leading manufacturer of roofing tiles and sheets, with their range of solutions being used on millions of properties throughout Europe. These combine the highest quality materials and proven manufacturing methods, which have been developed by Marley throughout the past 100 years.

Beyond manufacturing the highest quality roofing materials, Marley shares our passion for providing superb customer service. As evidence of this, they have been awarded the ServiceMark by the Institute of Customer Service.

High Quality Manufacturing

At the heart of Marley’s range are their concrete roof tiles. These are manufactured from a high-quality formula, which typically consists of sand and cement. They then utilise unique manufacturing methods to maximise the durability of each concrete tile.

Marley also manufactures clay roof tiles, which share similarities with those that adorn thousands of aged properties throughout Europe. Much like their concrete roof tiles, Marley has utilised high-quality natural clay when crafting their clay tiles. They have then utilised modern manufacturing techniques to ensure they offer fantastic longevity.

Iconic Profiles

Alongside Redland and Sandtoft, Marley has introduced a variety of popular profiles into the U.K. These include their large format Ludlow Major, minimalistic Plain Tile and iconic Double Roman.

The wealth of profiles offered by Marley allows you to find the perfect match for your property. This is whether you’re looking to achieve the classic appearance of a low profile clay tile or industrial appearance of a large format concrete tile.

These profiles do not only add a gorgeous twist to your property, but are integral to the strength of the tile itself. This is as the cambers used in Marley roof tiles prevent them from lifting and ensure they can withstand tough weather conditions.

Roofing Tiles in a Choice Colours

Marley tiles are available in a variety of gorgeous colours too. These include vibrant reds, aged browns, and sleek greys. These have been formulated for virtually any roofing project, whether you’re renovating an existing property or designing a new build.

Almost all colours are available in either a granular or smooth variety too. This allows you to personalise your property's outer appearance further, whatever your taste or properties architecture.

Huge Savings

If you’re in search of Marley roof tiles, you’re in the right place! With almost every profile and colour available, you’re sure to find the perfect clay or concrete roof tile for your project at Roofing Megastore. With reductions on all tiles, you’ll make mega savings on too.

Browse our full range of Marley roof tiles online. This includes their clay and concrete roof tiles, which consist of various iconic profiles. If you have more questions about Marley roof tiles, speak to our team online or by telephone!