The Best Ladder for an Electrician

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The Best Ladder for an Electrician

Do you need a new ladder but aren’t quite sure what type of ladder would be best for your day job?

Here’s a quick review of the different types available and their pros and cons.

Three Different types

The three main types of material that ladders are made from are aluminium, wood or fibreglass and each of them have different qualities.


An aluminium ladder can be light and very sturdy, it’s also reasonably economical and comes in a wide range of designs.
However, if you work in the electrical trade an aluminium ladder should be given a wide berth. Made of conductive material, it will conduct any electric current that it meets straight up and down it’s length. If you’re on the ladder at the time this could result in quite a nasty electric shock.


Wood is non-conductive so it’s a great choice in terms of electricity – you won’t get an electric shock from it; however, it can also rot with time if it gets damp. Wooden ladders are also quite often limited when it comes to design and may not offer as much stability or height as a fibreglass or aluminium one.


A fibreglass ladder does not conduct electricity either and will provide electrical insulation between the user and the earth. They’re also flame and heat resistant and won’t lose their strength when exposed to heat like aluminium ones can.
This makes them brilliant for electricians and as they come in a wide range of designs and different lengths it’s easy to find theperfect one for the type of jobs that you have to do.

The benefits of a Fibreglass ladder

You probably already know that you don’t need to have actual physical contact with a power line to get a shock. You can get an arc shock when you’re simply near to a live wire.
An arc shock (or arc flash) have been known to produce temperatures as high as that of four times the sun, so it’s incredibly important to minimise the possibility of one happening.

Fibreglass ladders are non-conductive and can withstand a voltage of up to 30,000 volts making them a wonderful choice, and, arguably the safest option if you are an electrician.

They’re also very tough and durable, made up of a plastic material that is embedded with very fine fibres of glass and then combined with a resin. They’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and rain and won’t go rusty, they can however be affected by UV light over a long period of time so its best to store them indoors.

A good quality fibreglass ladder should stand the test of time, outliving a wood or aluminium counterpart by far, just make sure that you keep it clean and dry to maintain its non-conductive properties.

Find a new ladder

Roofing Megastore has a great selection of Fibreglass ladders to look at, including Youngman ladders which come with a choice of deep, slip resistant steps and non-conductive hand rails too. Offering some brilliant discounts across the range it’s a great time to have a browse.

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