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How to make a house eco friendly

How to make a house eco friendly
By Roofing Megastore Team 6 months ago 788 Views No comments

With a new 25-year Government environment plan in place everyone is more aware of the environment and what we need to do to cut our wastage and improve efficiency.
But how does this translate to your home? Or even to building a new house, garden shed or extension?

There are many ways that you can make your home more efficient - improving the heat efficiency of your house is one of the most obvious ways of doing this and this article will cover different ways of achieving this.
Looking at the materials that you are using on a new build, be that for a small shed roof in your garden or for a big commercial unit, can also help. This article will also look at some more eco-friendly products that you can use in a build.

How to Improve the Heat Efficiency of your Home


One way of making your home eco-friendlier is to make sure that you have sufficient glazing, this will stop you from losing heat through your windows and then increasing the heating to compensate.

Fakro produce quadruple-glazed windows, with four layers of glazing stopping any heat from escaping. This combined with an incredibly tight seal around the window makes it a very efficient window.

A good indicator to look out for when buying heat efficient windows is to look for its u-value. A u-value is the measure of how well a window stops heat from passing through it, or how much heat you are losing through it. The lower the u-value the more thermally efficient your house is.

Have a look at our range of fakro windows such as the Fakro Passive Quadruple Glazing Centre Pivot Window.

Another really effective way of reducing your energy usage is by adding new insulation into your home. Most homes already have loft insulation but if yours doesn’t, have a look at some of the insulation available at Roofing Megastore including boards, rolls, slabs and multifoil options.

Without insulation as heat rises it simply disappears out of your roof and insulation will also help to keep your house cool in the summer. Investing in good insulation will eventually pay back so it’s a smart investment to make.

If you do already have insulation but it’s not very effective then you can add another layer on top which is quicker, easier and gives you a double layer of insulation. We’ve got an article giving you more information on putting a second layer of insulation in, have a read if you’re thinking of doing this.

Also, to make sure that your insulation stays effective, keep an eye on your roof. Ensure that your roof is in good shape and you don’t have any roof tiles missing, loose or chipped. If you do and you get a leak your insulation could get wet which will immediately reduce its efficiency.
For more advice on this have a read of our blog article which gives some simple step by steps on how to spot a leak and find where it’s coming from as well as how to fix or replace a broken roof tile.

Chimney Cowls

Your chimney is another place that you could be losing heat or that may not be as efficient as it could be.
You can improve the efficiency of your fire by getting a chimney cowl to increase the draw in your chimney or flue. With a steady even draw and a reduced downdraft your fireplace or stove efficiency can be increased by up to 20%, cutting the amount of fuel you need to use.
You will also reduce pollution and soot production as it will be a cleaner burn, so all in all, much better for the environment and your wallet.
If you have a gas fire a cowl can prevent down draft, or, if you’re not using your fireplace at all a cowl will help to stop any drafts coming down which will again improve the energy efficiency of your home.
We’ve got a great range of chimney cowls available produced by Colt Cowl which are renowned in the industry for their high quality, well priced cowls.

Using Eco-friendly Products

Choosing products that come from recycled resources and are recyclable themselves is becoming more and more important and easier to do.
Often these products also offer you a number of other benefits too, for example, usually they are lighter than other products, helping you to decrease your co2 emissions throughout the build.

Roof tiles

We have a range of different eco roof tiles on the site which are suitable for an eco-friendly roof, most of them are DIY friendly too. IKO slates and Enviro slates in particular are ideal If you are looking for a natural slate look finish whilst being kind to the environment:

IKO Slates are eco-friendly, man made, synthetic slates that are made from 99% recycled materials. They are created in moulds taken from natural slate and so have the beautiful irregularities that is unique to natural slate - differing textures, patterns and riven edges.

They’re 80% lighter than natural slate making transportation easier and more economical. And their reduced weight also means that you can get the natural slate look on a construction that might not have been able to take the weight of natural slate, such as on garden buildings, summerhouses or conservatories.

They are recyclable themselves and very easy to install and so suitable for the DIY enthusiast and currently we’ve got over 10% off all IKO slates on the site.

See what our customers have to say about IKO Slates:

“Matches the rest of the roofs in my neighbourhood and looks great…I think the IKO Slate is an excellent product and would more than recommend these to anybody looking for a natural slate appearance.” Sid

Envirotiles are an extremely lightweight, eco-friendly plastic roof tile that is made from environmentally sustainable products that would usually go to landfill. Envirotiles are fully recyclable and great for virtually any roof type from houses to sheds.

Using this eco-friendly product will again not only help the environment but is also very easy to install, cutting the average roof tile installation time by 25% thanks to an interlocking side lap system that connects the tiles together.
These tiles have a slate like appearance and come in four different colours including terracotta.

Here's one customers review about Envirotiles:
“Was looking for an eco-friendly tile and was recommended this, have to say looks great on my roof and was easy to install, can't fault the product.” Sarah


Another innovative product are green roof systems, these are a great way of using an open space to give back to the environment and to gain an incredibly attractive roof.
They’re a fantastic way to provide natural habitats for wildlife such as bees and butterflies. They also absorb CO2, pollution and particulates from the atmosphere, helping to improve air quality.
They’re wonderful for city landscapes and help to elevate the oppressive concentration of buildings, in a rural location they make a home or commercial property blend beautifully into the environment.

M-trays also improve the thermal insulation of your building reducing your energy usage. And, they reduce the amount and speed of rainwater run-off by 50%, protecting the structure and roofing membrane on your building.

These come as M-trays, which are trays containing substrate and established sedum plants and they click together forming a coverage across the roof.
The sebum plants are acclimatised to the UK climate and flower during spring and summer providing pollinators for the bees. If you want you can request wildflower trays, providing even more pollinators for nature and a beautiful outlook. M-trays can even provide the trays empty so that local landscapers worldwide can fill them with plants native to their area and climate.

Roofing Megastore will soon be stocking these amazing roofing trays, why not sign up to our email for a notification of when they are available to buy?

More Information

Keep an eye out for more informative articles on Roofing Megastore on keeping your home more eco-friendly and your energy bills down.

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