How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters?

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Gutters are incredibly important to the security of any roof, which is why it’s so important that they are replaced as soon as any damage or wear prevents them from performing at their best. Failing to do so can result in your roof suffering from water stains, damp, rot and worst case, a complete structural failure.

However, there are some homeowners out there who are apprehensive when it comes to forking out the cash necessary to replace your gutters, especially as the cost of living gets higher. Even so, damaged gutters should never be ignored. The longer they go unrepaired, the larger the scale of the damage. This can make an even bigger hole in your wallet down the line.

We’ve put together this guide to give you a better idea of how much gutter replacement would cost, and where the money you spend should go if you’re on a budget. We’ll be looking at different types of guttering, whether or not you should consider professional assistance and other commonly asked questions regarding a gutter replacement.


What Does Guttering Cost?

The most common guttering type is uPVC guttering, and it will cost between £40 and £45 per metre. From this figure alone, we can see that it is better to tackle the problem while it is still small, as it will save you from having to replace more sections of your guttering and thus rack up the total price.

This price can change depending on a number of factors beyond the material of the guttering itself. If you need additional downpipes these can vary in cost, while other accessories such as brackets and joints can also raise the bill. You may also find yourself needing to move or alter components already present on your home or roof, which may also cost money to carry out effectively.

Does the Material Alter the Price?

The material you use for your guttering does alter the overall price. Not only this, but each material carries its own pros and cons. We’ll look into these below and try to give you a clearer idea of which guttering option will be best for you. Remember; just because a material is more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s automatically the worst choice – it may possess a much longer lifespan, for example.

Steel Guttering

  • Costs about £20 to £30 per metre
  • Extremely durable in a range of weather conditions, cheap and cost-effective, and notable strength which has been improved by a magnesium zinc alloy.
  • Note that this guttering can be more vulnerable to rusting, and is not as flexible as certain alternatives

uPVC Guttering

  • Costs around £5 to £30 per metre
  • Usually very cheap and can be installed easily, with maintenance straightforward and replacement a simple process
  • However, it should be noted that uPVC is more prone to damage and wear than alternative materials


  • £25 to £30 per metre
  • Light in weight yet very strong, aluminium is highly versatile both physically and visually. The material is also largely weatherproof.
  • It is not as strong as steel guttering and is usually more expensive. It should also under no circumstances be used on a roof that features copper flashing.

Cast Iron

  • £60 to £70 per metre
  • The longest-lasting material option, with very little maintenance required. They are strong, resilient, and visually impressive, looking particularly at home in traditional houses.
  • Very expensive compared to other options, and notably heavier, making them inappropriate for use on weaker, smaller roofs.

aluminium rain gutter

Are There Hidden Costs to Guttering?

When we use the term ‘hidden’ costs, we aren’t referring to elements you’ll need to pay for that experts will hide from you, nor are we talking about additional costs designed to take you as a consumer by surprise. Instead, we’re referring to the components that will need to be purchased for your gutter when it is replaced that you may not have considered necessary at first.

For example, a vital component that you will need to ensure is present on your guttering (especially over the downpipe) is a leaf guard. You may also require extra brackets as we mentioned earlier, which can raise the overall price of the project if only a little.

On a separate note, consider the costs of building equipment you may need to install your guttering safely and efficiently. This could include anything from a hammer to a drill to scaffolding to stand on. All of these prices will vary based on the model of each as well as the size and scope of your guttering replacement project. If you are unsure about these extra costs, be sure to consult a professional on the matter.

gutter being fitted onto fasica

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Expert?

You can try and cut costs by avoiding hiring a professional to install your guttering, and instead tackling the job yourself. Just keep in mind that it can be unsafe if you are inexperienced, so we would suggest consulting an expert first.

But how much will it set you back to hire a tradesperson? The answer varies on a multitude of factors including location and the size of your project, but the average cost tends to be somewhere between £200 and £300. It shouldn’t cost more than this – the vast majority of guttering replacement projects are unlikely to last more than a day.

One factor that will play a huge role in the cost of the installation is the size and type of building. For example, a garage won’t take long at all to work on, and similarly, a bungalow will cost a lot less than a multi-story home.

What is the Cost of Replacing Gutters?

Factoring in everything we have talked about, how much would it likely cost to hire a tradesperson to replace your guttering? The answer would probably be within the range of £250 to £750 for a medium-sized house using uPVC or stainless-steel guttering components. Obviously, it is difficult to be more exact because there are so many factors at play.

You may find that your project costs more or less than the bill above, but it is best to prepare for the higher prices and have excess money on hand. Even a change in the weather could lengthen the procedure and end up making your bill more expensive. Plan ahead when it comes to any project – whether or not an expert is involved – to get the most satisfactory results.

If you have any more questions about the cost of guttering or need a hand-picking out some guttering for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our award-winning customer service team. We’ll be happy to help. You can call us on 01295 565 565 or get in touch using the handy live chat below.

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