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Whenever you’re about to partake in a DIY project, it’s always best to make sure you have the right kit before making a start. Nowhere is this more apparent than when planning roofing projects, as the lack of the right items – be they tools, materials, or clothing – can quickly cause your project to come to a sudden halt.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at one of the more important pieces of equipment on any building site – footwear. Your shoes will need to endure a wide range of conditions, though it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to the best shoes for certain projects.

To help with this, we have picked out some shoes that possess several qualities that make them ideal for certain roofing-related tasks and situations. This is by no means a definitive list but will hopefully get you well on your way to finding the right shoe type and style for your roofing project.


Shoes, Boots, or Trainers?

Before we get into our picks, it may be helpful to point out that most of our choices fall into a category of shoe known as the ‘safety boot.’ These are boots that have been specifically designed and produced for construction or industrial environments, with many boasting multiple certificates to prove it.

There are also ‘safety shoes’ and ‘safety trainers,’ but you may notice that these aren’t featured so much in our list. Why is this? Simply put, safety boots are far better adapted for the conditions you’re likely to face when carrying out a roofing project.

While most ‘safety footwear’ products possess features such as anti-slip soles and toe caps to protect against heavy weights, safety boots are more likely to provide that vital additional foot and ankle support that will allow you to work for longer both safely and comfortably. Safety shoes may well prove a preferable alternative, although we wouldn’t recommend safety trainers, as the support they provide is not usually optimal for roof work.

Best Shoes for General Purpose

We’ll start with a shoe that boasts considerably more versatility than many alternatives, meaning that it possesses the physical and visual attributes that make it perfect for use in a variety of situations. Our pick for this category is the Rugged Terrain - Hiker Safety Boots (S1P SRA) - Honey Nubuck safety boot.

A boot that comes with several benefits including slip protection and a steel toecap that can help to protect your toes from up to 200 joules of force, this is a shoe that can be used around the site as well as up on and around the roof. This is all combined with the foot and ankle support most safety boots are known for.

What may also catch your eye with this boot is its exquisite amber colouring. Even after a lengthy period of use, your shoes will continue to stand out thanks to this striking palette. Rugged terrain is a company well-known for its vivid array of shoes and boots that are as visually outstanding as they are practical, so do browse their extensive ranges should this model appeal to you.

Best Shoes for Flat Roofs

Should you be looking for a pair of safety shoes or boots to wear on a flat roof project, then it is likely your needs will differ. The conditions on flat roofs are quite different to alternative roofing styles – while there is arguably more stability when standing/traversing, you’re more likely to encounter water pooling, debris and more.

Our picks for this situation are the DeWalt Titanium Safety Boots with Steel Toe Cap. This boot design has been produced to prioritise waterproofing and comes with anti-static and shock absorption features too. All of this and more in a boot that boasts a unique yet professional appearance.

DeWalt is a manufacturer well-known for its quality, tried-and-tested product lines, which may go some way to explaining why this boot is considerably more expensive than some of its alternatives. For this price tag, however, you’re getting boots that are sure to last year's thanks to a top-of-the-range design made from reliable, resilient materials.

Best Shoes for Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are a much more challenging area to work on and around. You’re more likely to find yourself depending on your balance, as well as the grip, sturdiness, and comfort of the boots you are wearing. You’ll also want all this from a boot that is able to remain lightly built so that they don’t weigh you down. This is why we have opted for one of the more resilient shoes on the market – the HAIX Airpower XR22 GORE-TEX Safety Boots.

The sole of this boot is not only slip-resistant but also lightweight. This ensures that you retain full control over your feet even when traversing areas in which it may become more difficult to manoeuvre effectively. As sturdy and resilient as they are, these are boots that have been designed specifically to minimise weight holding you down when lifting or moving your feet.

This is another boot that is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum with an RRP of around £125 or so. However, as with the DeWalt boot before it, this promises a lengthy lifespan as well as exceptional levels of endurance and reliability. A great shoe not just for roofing but for virtually any other construction project. 

Best Shoes for Uniforms

It may be that you’re limited to what you can wear on site – this could well be related to safety concerns, and in this case, it is best to find out what certifications or specifications any potential footwear needs to meet before looking into which boots to purchase. Alternatively, it may be the case that you need to adhere to a particular dress code while building or you simply prefer something less flashy instead wanting to opt for a simple, straightforward shoe that is eligible for roofing work.

A great boot for such an occasion is the Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Leather Waterproof Uniform Boot. Tested and certified to the European standard EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO WR SRA, it is a boot designed for onsite work with a sturdy yet sleek design and many benefits and features, including scanner-safe design, midsole for underfoot comfort, upper and ankle pads, and more.

Best Premium Shoes

We’ve already covered a shoe that boasts excellent versatility in a more affordable price range. But, if you want the best of the best when it comes to terrain traversal, then the Haix Nature Two GTX Mountain Boots may be for you.

These gorgeous boots boast both style and practicality in equal measure – they’re designed primarily for use when partaking in mountain and hunting activities, meaning their resilience is near-unrivalled. With features such as an anti-slip sole, GORE-TEX waterproofing, and multi-layer laminate, this shoe no doubt possesses qualities that will surely prove useful when carrying out many roofing-related activities.

If you’re restricted by safety ratings and need (or would simply prefer) certified shoes, look no further than the excellent Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Safety Boots, with such certifications as S3 HRO HI CI WR SRC / CE EN ISO 17249:2013 + AC:2014 - LEVEL 1. With waterproof leather and cut protection, these sturdy shoes are another fantastic investment.

Best Economical Shoes

If price is an obstacle for you, don’t worry – there are plenty of certified safety shoes and boots for you to choose from. Rugged Terrain specialises in such footwear, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more value-for-money choice considering the certifications that this manufacturer boasts.

A notable example is the Rugged Terrain - 6 Eyelet Derby Safety Boots (S1P SRC). Sturdy, comfortable and reliable, it is an ideal shoe for those looking for a pair of boots that can be used on a variety of projects without emptying your wallet. Features of this footwear include anti-slip soles, a sleek design (another potential contender for a good uniform boot), and a protective toe cap.

At over £200 cheaper on average than our premium picks, this pair is a must-have for anyone looking for a shoe that possesses an excellent safety rating (S1P – anti-static and penetration prevention) without sacrificing visual appearance, longevity, or durability. 

Have More Questions About Roofing Shoes?

And there you have it – a guide to some of our favourite examples of footwear for use on roofing. As you may have guessed, there are almost endless varieties when it comes to different styles, makes and specialisations, and it may well be that you haven’t found your ideal pair just yet. Not to worry though, we stock a wide array of safety shoes, boots, and trainers for a wealth of projects.

You may want to know more about what shoes to wear in a roofing environment, or even about safety footwear in general. If this is the case, do not hesitate to get in touch with our phenomenal customer service team on 01295 565565 or via our online chat below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about footwear and help pick out the perfect products for your next project.

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