Apex vs Pent Roof Sheds: What’s the Difference?

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Apex vs Pent Roof Sheds: What’s the Difference?

A shed is a versatile structure used for a multitude of things. Almost every garden in the country has one, and they come in as many styles as you can imagine. For a structure that is mostly used for general storage, it’s amazing how flexible the designs can be.

There are some constants throughout every shed, one such design feature is the style of roof you can choose. The most popular being Apex or Pent roof styles. Both of these have their advantages and will suit some situations better than others depending on where your shed is located and what you will be using it for.

This guide will show you the distinct features of these different roof types and how each will bring a different aesthetic flavour to your garden, allowing your shed to match your unique personal style.

Apex Sheds

Apex roofs are a classic roof design, it’s been used on most dwellings for hundreds of years and is characterised by two sloped meeting at a point. This design embodies both functionality and style. The sloped roof panels are ideal for allowing water to drain away, ensuring it won’t pool in the roof and cause damage over time.

Top Features Of Apex Roofs

  • Increased interior height:

The pointed design of the roof provides more headroom, giving you more room to move around inside your shed.

  • Better water drainage:

As mentioned, the two sloping panels of the roof allow water to harmlessly drain away, no matter how heavy the downpour.

  • Classic aesthetic:

The apex design is iconic, a traditional look that will fit in with any garden style.

  • Wide doors:

The design of an apex roof enables the doors of the shed to be wider than with other styles, these doors can even be found as a double door entrance, giving you a fantastic amount of access.

  • Vertical storage:

The high peak of an apex roof gives you more versatile storage options.

Pent Sheds

A pent roof is a single sloped structure that, while also allowing for efficient water drainage, offers a versatile range of usage options. The distinctive design gives these sheds many interesting features that aren’t present with an apex roof.

Top Features of Pent Roofs

  • Modern design:

Pent roofs offer a much more modern feel to your shed. The sleek design will add a touch of the contemporary to any garden space.

  • Simpler installation:

Because the roof structure is simple, these sheds are very easy to put together. The lack of complexity will allow you to erect the structure efficiently, getting your shed ready to use in no time.

  • Low maintenance:

These sheds have a very straightforward design and so the maintenance is also very simple. You’ll only need to engage in maintenance every so often and the costs should be minimal.

  • Maximising space:

The more flat surface of the roof allows for a high-sided shed space, giving you ample room to install shelving, racks and other storage systems. You can also use the lower sided wall as a way to save space wherever you decide to install the shed in your garden.

Which Style Is Better: Pent Or Apex?

Like with a lot of stylistic choices, it’s completely down to personal preference. Although the different roof designs do give you different storage options, you will have to determine whether or not an apex or pent roof will look at home in your garden.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself before you decide which one to go for. Hopefully, it will help to illuminate areas you hadn’t considered and allow you to reach a decision much more painlessly!

What Are You Using Your Shed For?

As a shed is a multifaceted structure, it can be used for many different things across its lifespan. Sometimes you will buy a shed primarily for the storage of garden tools and it slowly becomes a space to store pretty much anything.

Assuming you are going to buy a shed for a specific purpose, this will help to narrow down the type of shed to get. Although the shape of the roof will have a slight bearing on the usage, it is still a factor.

  • Storage:

For a shed that is more prominently going to be used for storage, consider opting for a pent-roof style over an apex roof. This is because a pent roof gives you more room to play with when it comes to installing shelves and having wall space to hang tools, etc. Having said that, it will be more down to your style preference. A pent roof lends itself to being more of a utility structure.

  • Homework:

If you are planning on using the shed as an outbuilding or as a home office or other, non-utilitarian function, an apex roof might just be perfect. Apex roofs are a more decorative option for your garden and help to add an air of professionalism to your shed, especially if it is acting as your workspace. The apex roof recalls the design of a house, so is very well suited for this purpose.

How Often It Will Be Used?

For many, a shed will be a storage space and nothing more. If you will be rarely using it, especially in the winter, you may want to consider this when deciding the style of the building. If you are rarely going to use it then it won’t be necessary to have an extravagant structure that could prove to be quite costly. On the other hand, if you are going to use it regularly and will be spending a significant amount of time inside it, going for a more interesting, complex design is much more worth it. And having said all of that, in the end, it is up to your personal preference!

Where Is It Going to be Located?

Will the shed be a focal point of the garden or be tucked away in the corner? Is it going to be up against a hedge or next to the house? Where you locate your shed will determine, not only the size, but also the roof design. Depending on the space available to you, you may not be able to accommodate the high pointed design of an apex roof. And if your shed is next to a row of trees then come winter, you will have to sweep away all of the leaves stuck to the roof if is the slightly sloped design of a pent roof.

With plenty of room to play with and if the shed is going to be a focal point of the garden, then an apex roofed shed will be perfect. Apex sheds are usually more intricately designed with interesting decorative elements.

Which Style is Best For You?

Both of these designs are popular. The layout of your garden, your budget and your own personal taste will factor heavily in your decision, but in the end, it is up to you. There is no clear winner, as both have design elements unique to each, however where they overlap, either a pent or apex will be suitable for most gardens. Both will give you a watertight and easy-to-maintain shed solution for your garden, and both look great in their own way.

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