Cromapol: Everything You Need to Know

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Cromapol: Everything You Need to Know

With November upon us, the poor weather is setting in. It’s during the final months of the year that small leaks can begin to become apparent. This is particularly the case on flat roofs, where the severely hot summer may have caused deformities to occur.

Cromapol is an all-weather waterproofing solution, which is crafted from a unique acrylic formula. Unlike many other roof coatings Cromapol does not need a primer and only requires a single coat, therefore reducing the amount of labour required.


Suitable for Dry and Damp Conditions

Cromapol can be applied in both dry and damp conditions. This makes it the ideal solution for emergency repairs, which are often entirely unexpected. This is a result of the formulas ability to cure quickly, whatever the weather conditions.

Instant Protection That’s Unique to Cromapol

The unique formula provides instant protection from nightmare leaks. This is due to the formula not washing off as it cures, whether you’re dealing with strong winds or a light downpour.

Requires Only a Single Coat

Cromapol only demands a single coat to be effective, with 1kg – 2kg being necessary per square meter. This does not only reduce the labour involved, but also brings the cost of your entire project down.

Superb Solar Protection

Once used, this waterproof coating is not adversely impacted by extreme temperatures. This is due to its ability to reflect UV energy. This ensures the Cromapol coating does not warp or discolour.

Save Over 10% On Cromapol at Roofing Megastore

With both 20kg and 5kg tubs available, this waterproofing roof coating is perfect for virtually any roof size. With over 10% off at the time of this article being published, you can also make mega savings on your flat roof repair.

If you’re experiencing a more severe leak in your flat roof, you may benefit from replacing your EPDM membrane. Browse our selection of membranes online or use our flat roof calculator, which includes the necessary trims and adhesives too.

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